16 Examples Of Ridiculous Toddlers’ Tantrums That Are Also Hilarious

Those tiny humans called toddlers. Amazing people, right? They seem so interesting, fun, creative, and smart, until they happen to you! There were times when you didn’t have children, and those were good times. Nowadays, you just hear their cries at night and all your nightmares start with your toddler erasing your presentation on your laptop by accident. And would you change that? Not for anything in the world. Toddlers can be a lot to handle, but it’s worth it every minute of every day. Yep, even if they throw tantrums. At those moments, you might thing the sky is falling. And from time to time, a tantrum can have such a hilarious reason that you need to stop and take a picture.

And here are 16 such pictures, collected by Providr.

1. When they think you are so cruel to animals, when you are actually just trying to be protective.


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2. That’s perfectly reasonable.


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3. Parents can be real party-breakers sometimes.


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4. When they are mad about being mad and angry.


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5. When you are little, it’s so confusing to realize that some things weren’t meant to be eaten.

You see potential snacks everywhere!


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6. This toddler is all of us when we are starving.


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7. Some of them are not morning people, just like you.


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8. No artist wants to have their creativity limited, and this is real art.


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9. What is it about dirt that is so appealing?


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10. This little boy will make history if he goes out like that.


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11. Sibling rivalry is the worst!


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12. Having to understand that the night where neighbors give you free candy for no reason is limited to once a year is a concept so hard to understand.


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13. Don’t ever try to meet your idol!

It might bring you tears.


Source: Daily Mail

14. When that world starts to fall apart for them.

Even you aren’t able t save them…


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15. Life is not always pleasant. You have to learn how to let go of things.

Start with receipts first.


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16. Life can be full of unpleasant surprises, but here is how life can deceive a toddler.


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Here is how a mom built a cardboard kitchen for her toddler.

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