16 Horrific Runway Looks That Make You Wish They Never Existed In The First Place

As Regina George once said to Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, “Stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!”

In that case, we’d call these runway looks fetch because they never should have happened in the first place.

In fact, I’m really hoping this is the last time we see them. Or the garbage…if we saw them in the garbage, we’d be fine with that too.

1. Embellished Crocs

Cover it in glitter. Cover it in gold. Cover it in diamonds. Jazz it up in any way you’d want it, and it would still be ugly.  What’s next? A Croc heel? Not on my watch, fashion!


Source: Twitter | @BALENCIAGA

2. Wearable butterfly gardens

Alright, I’ll admit, this look is really cool, the designer deserves credit for that. The problem is that would anyone even be able to wear it? I mean, it might not even be able to fit through doors!


Source: YouTube | Moschino Official

3. Thigh-high Uggs

Okay, don’t lie, the basic chick inside of all of us got excited, and especially considering that they look so comfortable yet way too ugly. Some part of me really wants to wear this all winter long regardless of the bad reputation.


Source: Vimeo | Y/PROJECT

4. Dinosaur fashion

I have nothing to say for this one, I mean, how can I respond to this when I’ve literally never seen anything like this before. Some things should not exist, and these are one of them.


Source: M2M

5. Latex masks

Wow, casual? Definitely not intimidating whatsoever. You might actually be able to make one yourself if you can find a black swim cap. You can thank me when you become America’s Next Top Model.


Source: YouTube | Moschino Official

6. Potato sacks from the future

“Walk in Fashion Week,” they said. “It will be good for your career,” they said. It might be time for this model to put her career on hold because I’m thinking that wearing this outfit left her scarred for a long, long time.


Source: YouTube | FF Channel

7. Human backpacks

Just when you thought designer Rick Owens couldn’t get weirder, he does. it without us even realizing it. This is a fun runway look to try if you and your BFFL are inseparable wherever you go. So don’t worry, with this, you guys can go everywhere together.


Source: YouTube | Vogue

8. Whatever this is

Not even sure what to name this… Is it fashion? Is it art? Someone please tell me! But then again, maybe the lesson it’s trying to teach us is that we’re not supposed to know. So deep.


Source: Vimeo | Craig Green Menswear

9. Elf-inspired sneakers

Maybe if you’re Legolas from Lord of The Rings you can pull off this look, but if you’re not a Tolkien character, forget about it!


Source: YouTube | FF Channelht

10. Thong Jeans

This might actually be an insult to pants itself. These jeans completely defeat the purpose of wearing clothes. What’s the point of getting dressed if you’re going to wear denim that’s utterly destroyed?


Source: YouTube | Male Model Corp 3

11. Dressing in aluminum foil

We all have that friend that loves being the center of attention, and this Lady-Gagaesque look would be great for them. Your friend will definitely be making an entrance wherever they go!


Source: YouTube | Liberty London

12. Dressing like the Michelin Man

If the Michelin man and a Shar Pei had a baby, this is what it would come out like. Let’s pray this never happens because this outfit scares the bejesus out of me.


Source: YouTube | Fashion Feed

13. Recycled toys

Wait! Don’t toss out your kid’s unused toys, why not reduce, reuse and recycle? Just pin them onto your child’s outfit and they’ll end up wearing the next youth runway trend, without looking crazy whatsoever!


Source: YouTube | FF Channel

14. Your dad’s sandals

There’s no doubt that a lot of our dads have these shoes. He’s probably been wearing them for more than 20 years, so this trend deserves to belong to him. Don’t copy, be original!


Source: Rick Owens

15. Diamond masks

This mask is a lot less functional than the latex one. I mean, if you can’t see and eat out of it, we have to ask ourselves if it’s even worth it. Then again, there’s that saying that “beauty is pain.”


Source: YouTube | ParisModesen

16. Stuck in scaffolding

Models are typically thin, but there’s no way they can be immune to being shoved into scaffolding like this one! This is exactly what occurs when you get yourself into a tight situation at five and you have to walk the catwalk at six.


Do you know of any other no-no’s in fashion trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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