16 Times Bored People Were Creative Geniuses

Have you ever been so bored that you don’t know what to do with yourself? Well, experiencing boredom might sometimes lead to incredibly creative things. You don’t believe me? Just check out what these bored people did in the times of utmost boredom. Creativity is everything! Diply has compiled pictures of 16 ingenious creative things that came out of being bored.

1. What else would you do if you saw a cockroach?

I keep wondering how they put the tie on the cockroach, though.

Reddit | zargon1978

2. Tracing every single wrinkle on the sheet of paper requires utmost creativity.

And a bag of patience, too! It’s so oddly beautiful! Basically all modern art nowadays.

Reddit | jbaig77

3. How many packs of Skittles did hey need to build this glorious guy?

Making this without eating them makes me want to cry. Cravings!


4. Just enjoying his job and being creative in it.

They say if you enjoy your job, you won’t work a day in your life, right? Well, this guy is certainly having a good one!


Imgur | housedemolitionsydney

5. Suddenly, math becomes creative too!

You certainly need some talent to do this.

Reddit | reiddit5

6. A couple of bored employees can make a miracle in a few hours.

How is this even possible? Can someone spill the secret?

Reddit | Violator92

7. Beyond impressive!

Physics and some boredom will get you far in life.

Reddit | JohnnyPlainview

8. Wait, they defied gravity!

Seriously, how did they make them stand in that way? Well, with boredom, of course.

Reddit | PersonalStalker

9. A carrot coming from the past.

Do you see any uncanny resemblances here? Wow!

Reddit | cozzbpReddit | golfpinotnut

10. The bet staples optical illusion ever!

Did you see the staples already?

Reddit | UmbottCobsuffer

11. Sparkling creativity at its finest

Any gamer would love this!

Reddit | NikonNights

12. Copper wire scorpions that scare the guts out of me!

He could probably sell them for a good price.

Reddit | KnightScuba

13. This book spine poetry is everything I need right now.

So creative!

Completely Novel

14. Why would you wait until Halloween for the decorations to start when you have a beautiful watermelon to work on?

Reddit | kuroCoyote

15. This car eating Godzilla-esque snow monster is the best snow hack.

Just in case your car is stuck, make the most of it.

Reddit | Olsettes

16. A Reddit user who made a corn hole game with their friends at work.

Work goals!


Reddit | maxck19

Here are some funny photos to look at if you are feeling bored.

Source: Diply