16 Times Social Media Was More Educational Than School

You learn until you’re dead. If you’re not learning you’re not living. While we can credit school with a large amount of our education, most of the really important lessons come from life itself. Experience, if you will. Now, with the barrage of information social media throws at us every day, there are also lessons to be picked up there…you just have to filter through the filth and funnies to find something worthwhile. But it is there.
Here is a list of some of those times that social media has been more educational than school, courtesy of Diply.

1. Teachers never pointed this out, did they? At least, my teachers never thought to mention it.


Imgur | eduncipation

2. Well, this explains a lot!

Makes total sense, right?


Twitter | @rachsyme

3. One of the situations when it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!

And hopefully, you won’t need it.


Twitter | @sassy_md_rn

4. The symbol actually means something!

Here is a second chance for all those like me who slept with open eyes during math classes.


Twitter | @Advil

5. I can understand why this trend didn’t last the test of time…

Twitter | @ChappellTracker

6. Yeah, took me a while to clue into this, too — just another case of a children’s song that sounds innocent but isn’t.

Obviously, there is a proper time to learn certain things, right?

Twitter | @nategiesbrecht_

7. Okay, math teachers of the world: did you put it like this for your measurements unit?


Imgur | nickbuc

8. Ah, some practical knowledge.

Now you know.


Twitter | @Pelicans

9. There’s a word for everything…

Well, almost everyone has it.


Imgur | omeletteslingingeggmonkey

10. Now, that’s using technology to your advantage.


Twitter | @JustinHillister

11. Workarounds are my favorite.


Twitter | @Mydar

12. To be fair, English class really should have covered the difference between who and whom.


Imgur | swolbrook

13. Crazy enough, “macaroni” is more than a noodle you cover with gooey cheese — it’s a fashionable fellow.

Language is weird, humans are weirder, definitely.


Imgur | THEKungFuhrer

14. Remember the first time you tried a banana popsicle?


Imgur | StopTryingToMakeFetchHappenItsNotGoingToHappen

15. For all intents and purposes, it might as well be true that “slang” is, ironically, short for “short language.”

It makes sense, but the origin of the word isn’t actually stated in Merriam-Webster, so…


Imgur | Ukiskue

16. Okay, so an emordnilap isn’t really a thing, but it sure sounds good, doesn’t it?

Official or not official this is so cool, so we might use it from now on.


Imgur | conor535
Source: diply