16 Times People Made Bad Decisions That Led To Unintended Consequences

All actions have consequences and produce outcomes and some of them are good but some are not. This is the Law of Cause and Effect or as you might know it – Karma. Sometimes even good people make bad decisions that lead to bad consequences.

Here are 16 of them, compiled by Diply.

1. What happens when you don’t follow the rules

Here we have a rebel who doesn’t care about the cones that the parking buildings put out before a storm, so you would know where not to park.


Source: Reddit | beka_targaryen

2. Also, remember not to leave your windows down before there’s a snow storm

Just waiting for the snow to melt.


Source: Reddit | Bp0tt3r

3. This is what happens when you don’t bother to change your car’s oil

Here’s what an engine looks after 84,000 miles without a change.


Source: Reddit | Tnargkiller

4. And this is what happens when you leave Nitrous oxide inside your car on a hot day


Source: Reddit | iheartbananapancakes

5. When you fall asleep eating ice cream on a hot sunny day

Next time, don’t forget your sunscreen.


Source: Reddit | adobeamd

6. This is why excessive drinking and cooking don’t mix

Because you will probably fall asleep forgetting about that pizza in the oven.


Source: Reddit | gnrslash1987

7. There is nothing that will stop the firefighters

Not even if you park your car in front of a fire hydrant.


Source: Reddit | ItsJustAPrankBro

8. The ultimate burnout

When trains are all revved up with nowhere to go their wheels can melt the tracks.


Source: Reddit | Lets_Jump_This_Jump

9. Here is what happens when you forget to disarm the inflatable emergency slides on an airplane


Source: Twitter | @Toughmutter

10. If you don’t clean your drains the popcorn kernels stuck in it might sprout



Source: Imgur | THEsolid85

11. Pizza dough on a hot day will never stop rising

It’s what it does. It will keep rising until it takes over the whole city.


Source: Imgur | Tabletopper

12. This is why you should cut up plastic six-pack-rings before disposing of them


Source: Imgur | BraskaBoy

13. After a fire tore through this house in the middle of winter, the water used to fight the fire then froze over the structure

Looks like a masterpiece though.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

14. Now that is a lot of ice, you are ready for the party

Note to self: always, always, always put the tray back under the ice-maker in the freezer.


Source: Reddit | Repiks

15. If you leave food in your car when you go camping, the wildlife will always find it


Source: Reddit | Pumpkinspice90

16. Don’t pull the fire alarm at an airplane hangar if you are not 100% sure there is a fire to put out

The fire suppression system will do everything to put it out.


Source: Imgur | MattKleiser
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