16 Weird Things You Can Find At Your Parents’ House

How many times have you visited your parents and wondered how you once lived there and didn’t notice all the strange stuff they hide? Holidays are coming, so you better be prepared for the weird collection that your parents might how off when you arrive. What vast storehouses of powerful memories our parents’ houses are. Try to look around, and you’ll certainly find something weird, especially some items that stick around for years. It turns out our parents are as weird as we are. Here are some Twitter reminders of what our parents hide in those big houses, collected by Diply.

1. Someone found a series of Russian nesting dolls based on the OJ Simpson trial.

This simply makes me go: Why? And why would anyone buy these?

Twitter | @mattdiller83

2. “There isn’t one that isn’t a nightmare,” Tom Buell wrote to describe his stepdad’s clown collection.

At least it’s trendy now because of It and Pennywise!

Twitter | @TheTimeWaffle

3. Patriotism at its finest.

Parents have their secrets…

Twitter | @XaiaX

4. Creepy festive decorations, including this baby foot Santa doll.

“You can press a button and in a scary gravelly old man voice he says ‘Soak soak soak my aching feet’ and the legs/feet move up and down,” wrote @ZacBruin.

Twitter | @ZacBruin

5. Here comes another one. This spine-chilling festive decor is so creepy!

Thanksgiving has its own creepy side for this family with this doll.

Twitter | @JordanWellin

6. Wait a second! Is this Justin Trudeau? ‘Cause I want him now!

Twitter was split — does this look more like a Final Fantasy character, or Justin Trudeau?

Twitter | @mustachedpat

7. It’s more than uncomfortable to se yourself like this!

Yes, those are glamour shots of her juggling on the right. I’m all creeped out!

Twitter | @ipeeonthings

8. And then there’s this whatever-you-call-it doll.

A tiny, appropriately inappropriate troll doll that looks like the present president. A real nightmare!

Twitter | @OhHeyGuysItsMax

9. Parents are proud of their kids for the strangest things.


Twitter | @Beomoose

10. The bathroom is suddenly a room for collections.

Why did they all collect in this one bathroom?

Twitter | @CakeRavens

11. And why would this guy’s aunt print photos of Andy Gibb from Google images and frame them?

Isn’t it adorable? Well, not so much.

Twitter | @Giannit

12. You know your parents are special when they hang their nude photo over their bed.

Hope this lady grew up in a house with thick walls.

Twitter | @NatalieZed

13. Overcoming fear of the dark with this lamp is terrifying!

Sweet dreams are not made of this!

Twitter | @zezenzuska

14. Mason jar crafts have their weird side sometimes.


Twitter | @johnnykaje

15. Keeping life-sized dolls is apparently a trend.

What is creepier than a faceless punished “child”?

Twitter | @richthofen

16. It wouldn’t be a visit with the folks without some classic sexist gaming.

Because the women will, of course, wash the dishes in the meantime! So sad…

Twitter | @wachipup

Here are some pictures of the coolest grandparents ever.

Source: diply