These 17 Pictures Prove That Grandparents And Technology Don’t Mix

The older generation is always there to teach us a lesson or to say something wise. Or, in this case, to make us laugh. Technology is improving at terrifying speeds, and the older generation can’t always catch up. We have a lot to learn from them but when it comes to technology it seems like the roles have to be changed.
There are plenty of examples when grandparents fail in using the technology properly and it is hilarious. I mean they try, you have to give them credit for that. They still want to learn and improve their skills and that’s impressive.
However, some of these technological fails ended up on the Internet. They are hilarious, from a grandmother framing an Instagram photo complete with caption and ‘likes’, to confused pensioner using an iPad as a chopping board.

Here are some of the most entertaining examples of technological fails, courtesy of Dailymail.

1. This very proud grandparent printed out this photo directly from Instagram, together with all the comments and likes.


2. This one is holding the GoPro the wrong way round during the entire holiday.

3. Make sure to have all written down. A TV remote that has post-it notes showing the on/off and ‘undo’ buttons. Smart.


4. Well, anyways that is not going to do much. The grandparent who thinks that this is the proper way to use a USB stick.


5. One OAP came up with this amazing solution to speed dialing their relatives using buttons with pictures of their faces.


6. Here is another grandparent who created a family album, but forgot to crop out the Instagram comments and likes.


7. And this one thought that the iPad case would make a perfect chopping board.


8. Clearly, she needs your help.


9. She is still funny. It is always about food with grandmas.


10. This 82-year-old grandmother thought that she was plugging in her devices in a proper way. Luckily, someone came to help.


11. Mastering the iPhone etiquette


12. And again grandmas with food.


13. This is one way to use them.


14. A grandma freaking out when using VR.

15. At least she is trying.


16. Plugged it in at same device.


17. The moment when one grandmother opens an iPhone X and she thinks that it is a perfume.

Source: Dailymail