17 Satisfying Coincidences That Actually Happened!

Don’t you just love how amazing and unpredictable things in life are? I’ll even go as far as saying that some of the most unusual things that happen, make me wonder whether our we’re living in a Photoshop-like universe. I know it sounds insane but bare with me here! I’m talking about those coincidences you are able to notice only in one split second, and if you’re not quick enough to snap a photo right away, then that moment will be lost forever.

Just take a look at some incredible coincidences that actually happened and will make you appreciate the wonders of our world:


1. When humans and nature are on the same path, literally. Coincidences

© dinocantelli



2. Color matching game on fleek.

© Bence Bakonyi



3. It’s not a painting, the door handle just happens to look exactly like a UFO and dirt on the car looks like a forest!

© Saemperson / imgur



4. A puppy and the sea… the perfect combo.

© tortugatuba/reddit



5. There’s no fence in the background, it’s just a lake!

© artistdesignerwriter / reddit



6. How does he keep his beard like that?! Oh wait, there’s another actual human being in the pic.

© Garnier Fructis



7. This tape delivers exactly what it promises

© tezzabelle / reddit



8. That pipe looks EXACTLY like Rafiki from The Lion King! Can’t unsee it now!

© SweetSound / reddit



9. This one’s just too good to be true! Also, how does one get killed by nail biting?!

© reddit



10. They probably were made in the same company…

© UntoldDimension / imgur



11. Is that a giant broccoli? I mean, where does broccoli even come from? Should I go ahead and guess it falls out of huge broccoli trees? 

© Bdogg242 / reddit



12. Did they plan this? Talk about friendship goals…

© ipylaev / pikabu



13. I scream, you scream, everybody screams for ice cream!

© crazymuffin / reddit



14. When everyone is happy, including the front door of your apartment!

© crazymuffin / reddit



15. Can’t decide if this one’s funny or kinda mean…

© CribbageLeft / reddit



16. You never know when you’ll accidentally capture pickpocketers in your pics, so take as many as you can every single day!

© imgur



17. We’re seriously starting to wonder what’s happening with the carpet and clothing industry…

© beedat / imgur