18 DIY Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and we are getting more and more excited about it. All the presents, outfits cookies, and homes are decorated in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. There are so many things you need to buy and do in order to prepare for the celebration, right?
But where to start?
How about the decorations. Take out the old stockings, the tree and the wreath on the front door and start decorating. If you are bored with your old Christmas decorations, don’t worry.
Here is a list of DIY ideas, courtesy of tiphero, that will help you decorate your home just in time for the holidays.

1. Rudolph the red-nosed mailbox


Look how adorable that old boring mailbox is now. In order to transform your mailbox into reindeer, you will need only a rope and creativity. That’s it! And almost no one will pass by without leaving you a Christmas card.

2. Snow-covered votives


Candles are a lawful requirement of Christmas. These snowy votives, that are made of Epsom salts will look amazing not only for Christmas but for the whole snowy and cold winter.

3. Christmas music candles


And, here is another way to make the dull candles ideal for the festive holiday. Just wrap them in your favorite carols and voila!

4. Lacey paper snowflakes


For this DIY snowflake, you simply need white paper and some glue. You can make them small or big and in any shape. Let the creativity lead the way.

5. Frosty the clay pot snowman


What is winter without a snowman?
This fun idea works for both indoors and outdoors and it also repurposes the flower pots you have left over from the warmer seasons.

6. Frosty the refrigerator snowman


Why spend all that money for a picture with a snowman or Santa when you can have your own snowman inside your house. Plus, this snowman will never ever melt. Get crafty and make your refrigerator the star of the house this winter.

7. Santa hat chair covers


I’m definitely doing this to my chairs this winter. It is so festive and it adds some warmth to the whole room.  Transform the simple chairs with covers that look like Santa hats. Amazing DIY Christmas idea, right?

8. Felt pinecone owl ornaments


Collect all the pinecones from your nearest park and get crafty. How about, instead of just covering them in glitter to make them snowy, turn them into owls this year! They will make everyone smile.

9. Holiday doormat


The first thing that your guests will see when they come for Christmas is your doormat. So, make sure you welcome them in the holiday spirit with a cool tree-full doormat.

10. Moss joy letters


And these green and joyful greeting letters, of course.

11. Grinch door


. . . or how about this playful appearance from a classic Christmas character? Get crafty and you will have the most unique Christmas door in all the neighborhood.

12. Hallway of twinkle lights


Look what an elegant way to decorate your hallway. Make it magical like this by simply stringing up some icicle-style lights across the ceiling.

13. Lights and fabric garland


.. and the stairs too. Around the banisters wrap some glowing lights in different colors and some snow-like fabric.

14. Giant holly garland


. . . and this oversized one looks fun. How marvelous is that?

15. Holly jolly wall


Transform your blank wall into this amazing oversized decoration

16. Cotton ball snow


Well, this is so fun. These really-easy-to-make snowballs will modify your blank and boring wall into winter’s adorable snow. You can have snow that will never melt.

17. Paperback book tree


Simply take an old book and transform it into this miniature tree and cover it with sparkles.

18. Ball ornaments window garland


This idea from Jaime of All Trades decorates your window or your glass door. Plus, you will use all of the ornaments that wouldn’t fit on the tree.

Let us know in the comments which one you liked the most, or share your own festive fancies.

Source: tiphero