18 Cringeworthy Fashion Fails That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

If people spent half of the time and energy that they invest in fashion, into something… More productive, the world would be a much better place. So what should they do instead, I hear you ask. Well, seeing as fashion is a complete waste of god damn time, doing literally anything will be better!

But what’s even worse is that people get so carried away with their ‘creativity’ that they end up creating a lot more fails than good pieces of clothing. Scroll down and see for yourselves! (Courtesy of Meaww).

1. “What’s your main source of inspiration?” “Oh… You know… Just traffic signs.”


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2. The purpose of these shoes is to kill you if you accidentally trip and fall on them.


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3. Who needs a bag for the yoga mat when you can wear it on your head?


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4. These birds look beautiful, but stink of fermented cheese.


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5. Is he in the toilet or something?


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6. I’m a simple man: I see a pretty woman, I go to IKEA.


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7. Africa isn’t lagging behind the world in the great avant-garde fashion race.


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8. Now, this… I can get behind. Ahem.


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9. I bet this can be traced back to one of the Kardashians.


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10. “Look, mom, I’m wearing fish!”


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11. It’s all fun and games and drive-by shootings until you have to run somewhere.


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12. Everyone is creative nowadays. It’s like some disease multiplying stuff of bad taste.


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13. Whatever I say it’s going to sound racist. Nope, not touching this!


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14. When your heart can’t choose between Britney and pizza.

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15. I bet she feels like she’s very fashionable and everyone’s jealous of her.

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16. When you want to unclog the toilet and you start with your brain.


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17. Who needs a piggy bank when you can just stick your pennies on this guy?


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18. That fish looks seriously bored AF. Please, someone, anyone, save it!


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Source: Meaww