18 Movies Made Better by Steve Buscemi’s Characters

He is 60 years old, but still a great actor! The talented star has dedicated his life to making movies better with his appearance in them. Whenever you see Steve Buscemi on the screen, you immediately know the movie is a good one. Some films are only watchable because this actor is in them. Here is a list of mediocre movies made better by Steve Buscemi’ presence, compiled by Ranker.

1. Billy Madison

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Without Steve Buscemi, Billy Madison would mean nothing. The actor portrays a character who was bullied as a kid. He is preparing for some revenge, but when Madison calls to apologize to him, he backs off. His character brings such depth to this comedy!

2. Airheads

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This 1994 movie is about a band that takes a radio station hostage only to put their demo song on the air. The movie features some of the best comedy actors, including Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and Brendan Fraser. Then, Steve comes in the form of a sex-obsessed bass player and everything becomes even funnier.

3. Escape from L.A.

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Steve Buscemi is the best in John Carpenter’s 1996 flop of Escape from New York‘s follow-up movie. Thank goodness for Buscemi’s crazy character, because, otherwise, the movie is not good at all.

4. Armageddon

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Steve is the oil rigger/astronaut who loses his mind once he is in space. Favorite movie of all times! It would be nothing without Steve in it.

5. Living in Oblivion

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This is a ’90s indie movie about making a ’90s indie movie! Steve acts as director Nick, and totally makes the film worth watching.

6. Youth in Revolt

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Anytime Steve Buscemi is on screen as Michael Cera’s sexy add, things get really exciting!

7. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

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The critics did not have good word to say about this movie. Somehow, they forgot to mention that Steve was a real master.

8. Delirious

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The movie was meant to be a deconstruction of male friendship and Buscemi is a great paparazzo in it.

9. Floundering

Source: Video Detective

Despite having a really great cast, including John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, and Ethan Hawke, the movie was not so great. The actor played a laid-back philosopher and he did great, though.

10. The Impostors

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The Impostors was meant to bring memories of Some Like it Hot, but it was not that funny after all. Buscemi may have been the only fun actor. He portrayed Happy Frank, who spends most of his time drinking and teasing everyone.

11. 28 Days

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The movie stars Sandra Bullock as a newspaper columnist and alcoholic. She is going to rehab for 28 days. Buscemi brings complexity into the movie with his role of a recovering addict.

12. Domestic Disturbance

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John Travolta and Vince Vaughn are excellent in this evil stepfather thriller, but Steve brings his A-game to the screen. He is a mysterious stranger Ray Coleman.

13. Double Whammy

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How great is Steve in this phonecall scene?

14. Saint John of Las Vegas

Source: Cyn Aye

Buscemi, with his characteristic voice and expressive baby blues, stars as an ex-gambler in this movie. He is trying to be better, but loses it.

15. Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead


This is one of many Pulp Fiction knock-offs. In this one, Buscemi shines as Mr. Shhh, an unstoppable contract killer.

16. Billy Bathgate


Here comes the era of gangster movies. If it weren’t for Steve Buscemi’s few intense scenes, this entire movie would be nothing.

17. The Island


It’s a good sci-fi movie because of the friendly scientist, played by talented Steve.

18. Rising Sun


This false faux Hong Kong action thriller starring Sean Connery features Buscemi as a reporter. He hates cops.

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