18 Pictures That Prove That The World’s Obsession With Avocados Has Gone Way Too Far

The avocado has evolved from dinner-party showpiece to breakfast’s most consumed item. One of the world’s healthiest foods has become one of the most Instagrammed foods too. It’s no secret that a lot of people have an unhealthy obsession with avocados – they put them on everything, not just toast. There are avocado cupcakes and avocado donuts, they go well with mac and cheese and marriage proposals. Yap, you read that right.

Keep scrolling if you want to see a proof that avocados are taking over the world, in this list compiled by Ranker.

1. This avocado pie does look inviting

2. I would like an avocado cocktail. Shaken, please.

3. Also, can I get some avocado on my avocado-bun burger?

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3. An avocado donut might be a bit to much

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4. Avocado ice cream sandwiches are a synonym for California

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5. Say what you want but that’s one adorable tattoo

✨Dad and daughter avocados, thank you Steph! #avocadotattoo #wlba

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6. Yup.


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7. A unique or lame way to ask your girlfriend to marry you. You decide.


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8. Soothe away your worries with avocado popsicles

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9. Of course avocado cupcakes are a thing

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10. Some healthy mac n’ cheese

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11. Adorable avocatso


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12. Who needs pepperoni pizza?

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13. Avocado hot dog ?

14. This looks like an avocado-sipping happiness

15. Is that an option?

16. Fried avocados aren’t French

17. And some avocado yogurt

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18. Chocolate Mousse made with avocados

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