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19 Before And After Weight Loss Transformations That Will Inspire You Forever

Almost everyone I know would like to lose some weight, and we’ve all seen those commercials that feature before and after photos. The idea is transformation. Those photos are basically telling you, ‘Look, this person did it! They went from this to that! You can do it too!” But more often than not, before and after photos can look too extreme and unconvincing. And end up achieving the opposite effect – demotivating people.

Not today, however. Thanks to AuntyAcid, who’ve managed to collect some of the, frankly, most impressive before and after transformations. I’m not saying you have to do it, or heck, if I have to do it (I know I NEED to, though!), but just these people DID it. And if they can, heck, everyone can!

1. Thanks to a gastric bypass surgery, this UK man went from 970 lbs (440 kilograms) to 280 lbs (138 kilograms).


2. This woman once weighed 260 pounds (120 kg), but then managed to lose 120 pounds in just 9 months.


3. This guy is called Pat, and he’s already internet-famous for his unbelievable transformation!


4. On top of her weight, this girl was an alcoholic too. But after she quit drinking, she lost 165 pounds. She’s a real hottie now!


5. This guy managed to make himself fit into one leg of his old jeans!


6. This girl shed 63 pounds in 8 months, and she’s a huge inspiration for everyone. It CAN be done!


7. No more beer belly: this guy lost 100 pounds.


8. Same color, different size: The before and after photos of a woman who cut massive amounts of weight.


9. Can you tell this guy hit the gym HARD?


10. This woman spent a year and a half lifting and running like mad. Boy, is she gorgeous now…


11. This guy managed to lose 170 pounds in just ONE year.


12. This young woman lost exactly HALF of her body weight. Cool, huh?


13. This guy was eating only fast food every day, taking up to 10,000 calories per day. Then he changed his diet.


14. In case you were wondering, this is what losing a 100 pounds looks like!


15. That’s his graduation photo on the left. That’s him on the right, NOW.


16. From 600 pounds all the way down to 230 pounds.


17. Losing half your weight? Try losing MORE THAN HALF like this guy did!


18. And this is what a 193-pound weight loss looks like, in case you didn’t know.


19. It took this guy 1 year to lose a whopping 145 pounds.


Source: auntyacid

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