19 Birthmark Positions Reveal Your Personality

According to, birthmarks are “areas of discolored and raised spots found on the skin”. Some people claim they are associated to the events in your past life, but these are obviously myths, Science says that they occur when there is an excess of melanin production during birth. There are other theories as well, and these can say a lot about a person’s personality and lifestyle. Here is what the position of your birthmark signifies for you.

1. Stomach


This post reveals that you have a satisfied personality. It means that you are pleased with what you have and love to live in harmony. A birthmark on the stomach might also show inclinations towards a happy life full of laughter.

2. Near the mouth


These people have an outspoken personality and they are often blunt and straightforward. They would always speak their mind.

3. Left cheek


A birthmark on the left cheek might indicate some financial difficulties in your life, but also a strength to fight with these. You will surely get out of the tough  situation when the time comes.

4. Right cheek


This position reveals a passionate personality and a person who is ambitions and willing to go after their dreams. The person is also goal-oriented.

5. On the chin


A birthmark on the chin means that you are a bit hot-tempered. This will work in your favor because you are always straight-forward.

6. On the back


People with birthmarks on the back are mostly honest, open, and straightforward. These people will almost never manipulate with you or deceive you.

7. On the forehead


If your birthmark is on your forehead, you are an achiever and a real leader who adapts to every situation. These people also know how to move forward with a sense of absolute certainty.

8. Shoulders


A birthmark on your shoulder has a metaphoric meaning of carrying your life burden. There might be some responsibilities that you need to bear, but you will do just fine with some help.

9. Bottom of your feet


A birthmark on the bottom of your feet reveals a trendsetter and a person who sets standards for others.

10. Outer thigh


A birthmark on the outer thigh signifies a stranded personality looking for some peace. These people are filled with thoughts.

11. On the neck


A birthmark on the neck speaks for a cautious personality. These people would not rush to make decision and have a reserved personality.

12. On the nose


A birthmark on the nose speaks of the goodness of a heart. These people are sweet, kind, generous, and caring. Their love is unconditional.

13. On your palms


If there’s a birthmark on your palms, you are in control of your actions. These people know what they want and they do it in their own way. They are also generous and open-minded.

14. On the arms


If you have a birthmark on your arm, it means that you are patient and would always do the right thing. You stand out when it matters.

15. On your legs


Your birthmark reminds you of how far you would go to achieve your goals. You never stop.

16. On your breast


A birthmark on the breasts indicates good fortune and bright future. You will make the most of your life.

17. At the right side of your forehead


A birthmark on the right side of your forehead signifies a bright personality. These people are great at thinking outside of the box and solving anything.

18. Left side of the forehead


A birthmark on the left side of your forehead speaks for a creative person who is in search of perfection.

19. On your chest


A birthmark on your chest reveals a good heart. These people love unconditionally and are blessed with true love.

Source: ia.meaww

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