19 Household Items You Use Every Day And Their Expiration Dates

Everything has an expiration date. Even you. Okay, okay, me too. We’ll all ‘expire’ one day and hopefully move to greener pastures. (Who knows, imagine I get reincarnated as a mountain goat somewhere.)

But not everything is so intuitive in life, and it’s especially tricky when it comes to household items. Thanks to Diply, we can now learn more unnecessary things in life – like, say, the expiration date of that comb that you’ve been using since you were a teenager.

1. Pillows

Yes, imagine that! Pillows have an expiration date of 2 to 3 years. Well, that explains my neck pains!



2. Slippers

Apparently, if you don’t change your bathroom slippers after 6 months, you’ll get a foot infection OR the slipper will die. Well, I guess my bathroom slippers aren’t like the other slippers.

3. Shower poufs and sponges

The manufacturers say that these will last you anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. It goes without saying that dousing them with scalding hot water will keep them clean.



4. Towels

Just 1 year. Who knew? Either I’m special, or my towels are special because some of mine have lasted me waaaay longer than just a year (and in fairly good shape).

5. Toothbrush

So long, Mickey Mouse-themed childhood toothbrush! Manufacturers say that a toothbrush’s expiration date is just 3 months. Go figure.


6. Hydrogen Peroxide

Anywhere from 2 months to 1 year (if it’s sealed).

7. Hairbrushes

Your plastic brush? 1 year. But if you have one of those boar bristle brushes you should get rid of them after 7 months.


8. Perfume

Have you ever looked for the expiration date of a deodorant or a perfume? Here’s the thing: they don’t have any! However, experience says that it’s best to use them within 2-3 years.

9. Pacifier

Made of latex, pacifiers are easy to clean but you don’t want to risk dangerous germs entering your baby’s mouth. Replace these anywhere between 2 to 5 weeks.


10. Child seats in the car

These are safe to use anywhere between 6-10 years, provided they’re functional and in good shape.

11. Bras

If you want your boobs to keep being healthy and comfortable, it’s best to replace bras after 1 or 2 years. Sure, old bras may feel soooo comfy, but hey, you can use a bit of shopping.


12. Running shoes

They may look fine even after heavy use, but do they FEEL fine? Most companies recommend that their running shoes be replaced after a year of use. But that’s what companies say. Consult a doctor on this perhaps.

13. Spices

I have a bunch of barely used spice bottles at home. Turns out they, what, go bad after 1-3 years? Or if ground, they last just 6 months? Don’t kid me! My curry from three years ago tastes just fine!


14. Flour

Depends. First-grade flour only lasts for 6 months, while high-grade flour can last up to a year.

15. Fire extinguisher

If it’s in good shape, it can last for up to 15 years. But if there’s noticeable damage, maybe ditch it sooner. Better safe than sorry.



16. Power strips

These get risky just after a couple of years of use. Potential consequences: burning your house down. Ouch!

17. Disinfectants

I’m kinda not sure about the expiration date of these, but some say these lose their disinfecting powers after just 3 months.


18. Mosquito repellents

After 2 years, the mosquito repellents lose the mosquito repelling properties.

19. Pitcher water filters

These vary from one manufacturer to another, so always check the packaging where the expiration date should be.

Source: Diply