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19 Times When The Cast Of Game Of Thrones Partied In Our World Too

As someone who’s even read the books, I really enjoy seeing the characters of A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones) come alive on the small screen.

And while it’s generally a story filled with cruelty, injustice and slaughter, it’s also a show that basically revolves around the friendship and loyalty of friends. But here’s the really cool part: the actors playing the iconic Westeros characters are friends off the set too!

Thanks to AuntyAcid, here’s a collection of all the times when the cast had a great time out in town. Enjoy!

1. When Khaleesi and Khal Drogo went out partying

2. Friends in fiction, friends in nonfiction: John Bradley and Kit Harrington

Briefly, but happily, back together again.

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3. The chemistry between Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington is real!

4.  Legend has it that Khal Drogo once met Tormund Giantsbane in a bar

Does anyone else think a scene with these two would have been the best thing in the world ever?

5. When Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner celebrated Arya’s return to Winterfell in the show.

6. Kit Harrington pretending to be a dragon to get cuddled by Emilia Clarke

7. Maisie Williams even helped celebrate Sophie Turner’s engagement

I said yes.

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8. It’s all fun and games in Westeros


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9. The two are very good friends in real life too

10. Good thing that Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner aren’t sisters in real life!

there were never such devoted sisters

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11. Jason Momoa really loves his ex-wifey

12. Sophie Turner and Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) are fans of Maisie Williams’ Instagram

Ryan Richman making me feel like a lion. That hair #tiff #maryshelley

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Well, we have to agree, she does look absolutely gorgeous!

13. When Cersei Lannister supported Brienne of Tarth’s career gains

14. Maisie Williams even wished Sophie Turner happy birthday

15. The love is real: Gwendoline Christie and Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont)

16. When Jaime shows Cercei some love… but the friendly type.

17. Gwendoline Christie and Kit Harrington would be good at modeling

18. That time when Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner celebrated their GoT anniversary

Happy 7th August ‍♂️⭐️

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19. Conleth Hill (Varys) is a spymaster in real life too

Shall we begin? With my girl @sophiet photobombed by #thelegendthatisConlethHill #shesoflawless #SDCC2017

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Source: auntyacid