Ten Ways In Which Your Fingernails Color Warns You About Your Health

You know what we spend a huge amount of time staring at in our lives? Our fingernails. And you’d think that much staring would have taught us a lot out our fingernails, right?

Well, wrong. Because most people aren’t aware that their fingernails can tell them much about their health. But thanks to Meaww, we’ll fix that today. While you’re gazing at your nails thoughtfully, here’s what their color can mean.

1. Healthy nail color


The look of a healthy nail is smooth with consistent color. No ridges, no cracks, and most often not even spots. Besides color, texture and thickness are important factors too.

2. White nails


White nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

If your nails gradually get paler and turn white, they can indicate health problems with your liver, like Jaundice or Hepatitis. Visit the doctor ASAP.

3. Bluish fingernails


Bluish nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

On the other hand, if your nails turn darker, and become a shade of blue, it means poor oxygen supply. Emphysema, heart problems, too much smoking – any of that can be the cause for the bluish color. Again, please consult with your physician.

4. Yellow nails
fingernails 1

Yellow nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

This fingernail coloration is a bit more common than the rest. Usually, it can be caused by a fungal infection, which can lead to your nails crumbling or getting thicker. If that’s not the cause, however, it can indicate psoriasis, some sort of lung disease or problems with your thyroid. The dermatologist can tell you more.

5. Rippled nails


Rippled nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

A healthy nail has a smooth texture. In contrast to that, ripples in your nails can be indicative of inflammatory arthritis or an early warning sign for psoriasis.

6. Dark lines on your nails


Dark lines (Image Source: Pinterest)

This is pretty serious, as dark lines under, or on the fingernails can be a sign for serious health issues. It’s a symptom of melanoma, for example, which is the deadliest skin cancer. Visit the doctor right away to get yourself checked.

7. Cracked fingernails

fingernails 2

Cracked nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

Definitely not healthy. It can indicate some type of disease of your thyroid gland, but also a fungal infection. A check by a professional will tell you which.

8. Gnawed nails


Gnawed nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

Usually, self-inflicted, if you’re biting your nails. A nasty habit, right? Right, and I won’t  take no for an answer! But if you’re a frequent nail chewer, it can mean that you have anxiety issues which can lead to more serious mental health concerns. A talk with a psychologist may help you out.

9. Pale nails

Pale nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

Although it’s pretty close to what a normal nail looks like, uneven paleness or excessive paleness is definitely not a sign of health. It can point to issues like liver disease, anemia, malnutrition and last but not least, heart failure. Do not ignore this symptom and visit your doctor immediately.

10. Puffy nail folds


Puffy nail fold (Image Source: Pinterest)

It’s basically an inflammation of the nail fold, and can be an early warning sign of lupus. However, it can also be caused by an infection you got somehow. But don’t worry – it happens to the best of us. Just don’t forget to visit a doctor and get help with the issue!

* This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances.

Source: meaww