20+ Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster Struck

The best thing about the pictures they say, is that they never change. Yes, they evoke moments that you can’t remake and the best part is that you can look at them, any time you want. But unfortunately, not all the moments in life are happy and sometimes unpredictable things happen while capturing simple shots. For example, have you ever thought what would happen if you could capture the last moment before a disaster? See below the following photos, as these people actually took photos and selfies just before something bad happened:

1.  I hope the little girl didn’t hurt herself that much trying to catch those water balloons.

Source:© GallowBoob / reddit


2. Another disaster caused by our human fellows…

Source:© pizzamagica / imgur


3. I guess he still didn’t find out he’s missing a wheel.

Source:© Gherop / reddit


4. Let’s hope this is only staged and she is not shooting for real.

Source:© Unknown author / Imgur


5. I don’t understand what she was trying to do?

Source:© Unknown author / reddit


6. O, ooo… Here’s a “smart” way to spoil the group picture from up there!

Source:© Unknown author / Imgur


7. Here I am, so young and stroooooong!

Source:© kavads / reddit


8. The girl facing her fate

Source:© krilled / reddit


9. I’m telling you – this girl is not leaving things like this. She will get her revenge!

Source:© Unknown author / Imgur


10. Is the quote “You attract what you are”  true?

Source:© poopyAR / reddit


11. Where is this card going?

Source:© CleverAliases / reddit


12. Make the couch fly, otherwise…

Source:© Unknown author / Imgur


13. Is it staged or the groom really fell down?

Source:© Unknown author / Imgur


14. What matters is that he captured a perfect shot!

Source:© p07a70 / reddit


15. It could have ended way worse.

Source:© Aschebescher / reddit


17.  This looks beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

Source:© Shamms / reddit


18. Hey reindeer, free the nipple!

Source:© Maklo_Never_Forget / reddit


19. I don’t think I will like volleyball after this.

Source:© PaperkutRob / reddit


20. If the selfie came out good, it was worth the hit!

something bad happened

Source:© PM_ME_YOUR_UPPERCUT / reddit


21. They both were quite scared

Source:© BteThatsMee / reddit


22. Ladies and gentlemen my name is… boom

Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened.

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23. Probably twins falling at the same time..

something bad happened

Source:© qhcgFla / imgur


24. I don’t understand how the cat got up there.

something bad happened

Source:© Valens / reddit


25. And the award for the best selfie goes to…

something bad happened

Source:© ppswwe / reddit


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