20 Pictures That Will Mess With Your Eyesight

Do you have some spare time to waste? If you enjoy looking at funny pictures, here is a real challenge. Try looking at these without questioning your eyesight. Some will take a minute, while others will keep your eyes wide open for an hour. Here are 20 pictures that are downright confusing, courtesy of Diply.

1. Wait, how can you pull that door? Oh, that’s right!

You got me there!


Source: Reddit | inquisitivewinston

2. Don’t try Google that much, especially when you have to go to the hospital!

Or hey, maybe Google’s trying to let you know that Bulgarian medical care is really where it’s at.


Source: Reddit | WhatAboutThePickles

3. Just don’t give me that look, cat! I haven’t done anything!

This cat is the most mischevious pet I’ve seen.


Source: Reddit | frenzy3

4. So, what is really going on here?

Is it a chair? Is it art? All that denim makes me sick…


Source: Reddit | ehzstreet

5. Remember that snake game that used to come on every single cell phone?

Here is a real-life remake!


Source: Reddit | mista_nite

6. Can I be your pet, please?

Is this cute or weird? I can’t decide.


7. Every. Single. Time

Why don’t you buy wireless ones?


Source: Reddit | FliProd

8. This snap is just so interesting

Also, someone is really hungry.


Source: Reddit | Jordanbvb09

9. These socks are hilarious!

They are practically stalking me.


Source: Reddit | Pootthong

10. What’s better than a D-cup? Here is a 3D-cup!

11. Pikachu has a new move and it’s not even funny

That person is so uncomfortable!


Source: The Chive

12. She was so disappointed that she decided to do this! Oh no!


Source: Reddit | deeeeeeeeeeeeez

13. You may need some time to recover after seeing this!

And you will hope this is not real. I’m not often one for praying, but I am on my knees hoping that this isn’t real.


Source: Imgur | RunningOnGoodIntentions

14. Here’s a deleted scene from The Little Prince where he finds a tiny snow planet!

And eventually learns to snowboard.

15. Now, you can’t unsee this anymore


Source: Twitter | @FITCHH_mascot

16. Inconvenient timing, but Bethany was so into it

Now they actually have to lower her into the photo.


Source: Twitter | @CrossoverDoc

17. We all turn into paranoid little Sherlocks when we think that our significant other is sneaking around


Source: Instagram | @no.body_special

18. Do they hand out a gold medal for dad reflexes?

Dads have strong instincts.


19. But, wait, what happens when the light goes out?

Still awesome!


Source: Instagram | x_antisocialbutterfly_x

20. Wait, what?

Can someone please explain those handsfeet?


Source: Instagram | @slayistings

Here are some pictures that are anything but perfection.

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