20 Relationship Goals That Every Couple Dreams Of

They say ‘It’s the little things which matter the most.’ I say they are not really little things. Such things just take what it seems little ‘effort’ or little time. They can be everything, but little. Little/big things have an important impact, especially in relationships. And when it comes to relationship goals, many base them on the scintillating Hollywoodian cinematic love and unattainable grand gestures. What if I told you that there are more meaningful things than that.

There are these so-called ‘little things’ which in fact are grand. They are important for they are done effortlessly, spontaneously but which show much more than they intended to.

Let’s go through 20 relationship goals that many couples experience or wish to do so:


1. Getting a manicure done by your loved one.


2. Showering together so you… save water or smth?


3. Cramped in the back of a car, as long as you are next to each other, is just fine.


4. Calling each other with cute/silly nicknames.

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5. Managing to give each other kisses even while working out. Btw, kisses burn calories too.


6. Hugging, hugging… and oh, hugging!

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7. Spoil me rotten and fill my room with white tulips instead of roses! But, if they don’t have tulips, roses will do.


8. If holding hands constantly is considered outdated, call me old-fashioned all you want!


9. Wanna apologize for something? This! Yes, please!


10. Writing songs and poetry about each other.
‘Don’t fall in love with an artist. For, they can notice the crease of your skin and trembling of your hands and turn it into poetry.’ Or I like it better, ‘If an artist falls in love with you, you can never die.’


11. Road trips, adventures, getting lost, being wanderers. Nothing more.


12. Silly selfies and getting out of your comfort zone is not a problem anymore.

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13. When bae gotta work but you try to teach them some multitasking.

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14. Keep the fire burning with romantic dates. Yes, even after 50 years together.

15. This reminds me of ‘Perfect Sense’: Want to go dancing? -Sure. And get drunk? -Sure. And smoke cigarettes? – Always.

16. Getting matching Christmas pajamas is the cutest.

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17. Imagine it’s your first and last kiss at the same time.

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18. Pouring some love through the sunscreen too.


19. Tying each other’s shoelaces.


20. Take pictures your grandkids are gonna look one day and think ‘Wow, they were really in love!’


Source: Thoughtcatalog


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