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20 Times Women’s Clothing Items Were Beyond Irritating

Some women’s clothing items can be really annoying and irritating. Whether is boring printing, inadequate detail, or pocket problems, some clothing items worn by the ladies can be really dull.

Diply has compiled a list of some of the weirdest and most annoying clothing that you could find on the Internet which is totally useless and infuriating.

1. Those items that insisted slogans were the hottest accessory

It has probably happened to you at least once. You find the perfect clothing item, then you turn it and surprise, surprise: you discover an inappropriate slogan on the back.


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2. When women’s fashion ruined a perfectly good basic wardrobe staple with something like this

It makes you wonder why. Only the jeans by themselves look just fine.


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3. When it doesn’t provide you with working pockets

Well, we will never understand why designers won’t trouble themselves to put functioning pockets. Where are we supposed to keep out belongings when we don’t carry purses?


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4. Attempts to convince us that one size actually fits us all

Those times when you fail to order the right size because you allowed yourself to be convinced that it would fit you and your cat.



5. When it was impossible to escape the cutout trend

Well, since it is really difficult to resist a trend, including the strategically placed holes in your clothing, we deserve what we get.


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6. Or not-so-strategically-placed-holes trend

Maybe, if you want to look like your dad when he cleans the garage once a year.


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7. So, why do sizes even exist?

Goodbye to old-fashioned waist and leg measurements.


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8. When the unrealistic body standards apply to literally every body part

Or was she supposed to have three arms? No, you don’t have a head that tiny to fit through that thing.


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9. When it gave us some tan lines

In order to avoid this, next time make sure you fall asleep in regular ones.


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10. Like, seriously ridiculous tan lines

Of course, all those wonderful swimsuits look great on Instagram, but not in real life.


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11. When our bras refused to offer us the support we needed

Wearing a bra by itself is an annoying and uncomfortable thing, even without additional underwire and irritating straps.


12. Okay, now about that strapless issue

Even though those strapless dresses and tops seem perfect for the summer, they can be really uncomfortable and irritating.



13. When it made the busty-girl life particularly difficult

It really looks like it is going to bust open at any moment.


14. When less substance didn’t mean we got a break on the price tag markup

When they charge you extra for less fabric and for just cutting the bottom off a regular shirt. The fashion industry can be really merciless.


15. When they told us that wedges would be more comfortable than heels, but it was a lie!

This is so painful to watch let along try to walk in them.

Sorelle In Style

16. When you put on the dress thinking it was mid-thigh, but it all changed when you started walking

No one wants a side job during a night out.


17. When they seduced us with this alluring backless shirt, but then crushed our dreams when we realized that we have to wear a stick-on bra


18. Bra shopping for special occasions – the ultimate struggle

Well, sometimes all those straps can be confusing. Where are they supposed to go, around my neck or my stomach?


19. When it gave us the romper and our bathroom trips were never the same again

The struggle when you have to get almost completely naked in order to pee!


20. When it was just straight-up confusing

If you have to wonder whether you are trying on a t-shirt or a dress, it is probably a t-shirt. Or, is it?


Source: Diply