20-Year-Old With No Limbs Becomes A Dancer And Raises Money For People In Need

You have probably heard of Nick Vujicic, the 36-year-old who was born with tetra-amelia-syndrome, a condition characterized by the absence of all four limbs. However, this didn’t stop him from writing eight books, traveling around the world, and even appearing in a movie along Eduardo Verástegui.

Gabe Adams is an equally-inspiring person, who was also born with a condition that causes jaw and limb deformities. But despite lacking feet, the 20-year-old is an amazing breakdancer.

Adams was born with the Hanhart syndrome, and while his tongue developed fine, his arms and legs never grew, according to the Daily Mail. He is originally from Brazil but was adopted by a family in Utah. He explained his awful experience with bullying due to his appearance, saying:

I was in the art class one time and our art teacher told us to critique our neighbor’s artwork. This kid said to me: ‘It looks like God made a mistake on you.’

Many times he would cry about it, but he explains that his mother had this method where she would make him look in the mirror and give himself ten compliments to later give other people the same ones.

While trying to find ways to fit in with other children, Adams decided to enroll in his school’s dance team, an activity that wouldn’t be easy for him in his condition.

When it was time for dance tryouts, he remembers calling them in a line to say they should do full extensions and point to their toes, to which he thought ‘What am I gonna point, my nose?’

He went on:

I am just standing there in front of the judges, and then I see girls do the spins, and I am like, ‘I can do that.’ So I do the spins.

After a while, Adams heard rumors that they would put him on stage in a wheelchair and asked the dance coach not to pity him, to which she replied:

I would not put you or anybody else on the team because I felt sorry for them, you get a spot on this team because you deserved it.

Eventually, Adams managed to turn his spinning into a whirling, which is a head-balancing form of freestyle breakdancing. He even moved out after graduating and day by day, learned how to do some daily things like texting, shampooing his hair, and even writing notes with a pencil.

Today, Adams holds benefit performances that help raise money for people who need to pay their medical bills. Just like Vujicic, he also developed his public speaking and is always trying to inspire others.

He spoke for Metro, saying:

I think some of my proudest moments in my life would be learning how to walk, learning how to get myself dressed, going up and down the stairs, getting into my wheelchair, taking my own notes in school; graduating, taking second in dance competition and being a motivational speaker — being able to look back at all those moments and see how far I have come.

He also told the most common question he gets from people, who ask “Is your life hard? Do you wish you had limbs?”

And I guess my response would be, ‘No my life isn’t hard.’ The one thing that I have taught myself, and others, is that life is only hard when you make it hard, and if I am gonna make it hard, then that is on me.

But if I am going to make it easier, then it is going to be way easier to live. Do I ever wish I had limbs? Of course.

But I know that I don’t have arms and legs for a reason, so I am just gonna live my life as I can.

Inspiring stories like this are what make our life worth living and make us think twice, but most importantly, teach us how to never take things for granted.


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Source: Westernjournal