21 Mistresses Who Were The Reason Their Marriages Fell Apart

Some celebrity marriages don’t last for a long time. Even when it seems like a couple was meant to be, they suddenly break up. The reason is sometimes that one of the partners is cheating. Here are some of the most famous mistresses who were the reasons why some marriages came to an end. Who would have thought these women were once involving themselves with married men?


1. Marilyn Monroe


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The Cheater: President John F. Kennedy

When the affair took place: 3.24.1962

One of Hollywood’s most famous sex symbols was infamous for being the one to be with a married man. And not a simple married man, but President Kennedy himself! It is believed that Kennedy was introduced to Monroe by his sister. After the event, they hit it off and Kennedy invited Monroe to meet him in Palm Springs, California on March 24, 1962. Apparently, they had intercourse there, but Kenndy stopped his relationship with her after his wife, Jackie, threatened to divorce him. That would mean that he won’t get a chance to be re-elected at the time.

2. Angelina Jolie


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The Cheater: Brad Pitt

When the affair took place: April 2004 – October 2, 2005

Hollywood was shocked to discover this affair. The rumors started when Pitt was working together with Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Even though they were constantly denying the affair, Pitt broke up with Aniston in January 2005, and eventually married Jolie. Too bad they broke up recently.

3. Alicia Keys


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The Cheater: Swizz Beatz

When the affair took place: December 2007 – July 28, 2010

Swizz Beatz allegedly confessed to his ex-wife, Mashonda, that he cheated on her. He ironically did this on Mother’s day. The rumors started in 2008, months after the singer separated with his wife. The pair got public in May 2010 and announced they were engaged and expecting a child.

4. Jennifer Lopez


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The cheater: Marc Anthony

When the affair took place: 2003

Marc Anthony married Lopez on June 5, 2004. Cn you believe this happened less than a week after his divorce wih his ex-wife? I was obviously clear that he was cheating on his wife with Lopez.

5. Claire Danes


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The Cheater: Billy Crudup

When the affair took place: Mid 2003 – Fall 2006

Claire Danes supposedly had an affair with fellow actor Billy Crudup when he was still married to Weeds actress Mary-Louise Parker. It was totally awkward because his wife was at the time seven months into her pregnancy and they were married for 7 years. This affair, however, didn’t last long, with Claire dumping Crudup for her current husband Hugh Dancy.

6. Jamie Jungers


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The Cheater: Tiger Woods

When the affair took place: Summer 2005 – Fall 2006

Tiger Woods’ mistress #4 was apparently in bed with the golfer when he received the news that his father had passed away. Awkward! Jamie was a Las Vegas casino girl and Woods met her at Las Vegas’ Bellagio hotel. He apparently sent over a VIP hostess to let her know that he wanted to sleep with her. Moreover, he even gave her money to help her financially.

7. Jayne Mansfield


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The Cheater: John F. Kennedy

When the affair took place: 1963

Jayne was often compared to Monroe for her looks, and she was also another one of Kennedy’s mistresses. It is believed that Mansfield and Kennedy were involved with each other for three years. Nothing was ever officially confirmed

8. Rebecca Loos


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The Cheater: David Beckham

When the affair took place: July 2003 – October 2003

The affair took place when Beckham transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid and was having problems getting used to the Spanish culture. He apparently found comfort in the presence of his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos. Allegedly, he had an affair with her, but has always denied it.

9. Britney Spears


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The Cheater: Kevin Federline

When the affair took place: April 2004 – 7 November 2006

Britney Spears allegedly created a qarrel between male dancer Kevin Federline and his girl Shar Jackson. Shar was expecting the couple’s second child when Britney was having an affair with Kevin.

10. Kalika Moquin


The Cheater: Tiger Woods

When the affair took place: October 23 – 25, 2009

Wood’s Mistress #3, Kalika, was a marketing director for Las Vegas club Bare Pool Lounge. She reportedly had an affair with Woods in a Sin City hotel. Sadly, she did not speak out on the subject at all.

11. Ashley Dupré


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The Cheater: Ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer

When the affair took place: 2008

Fallen NY Governor Eliot Spitzer’s affair with Ashley Dupré basically destroyed his path to the White House, according to the New York Times. The married politician met up with the Playboy model at the historic Mayflower hotel in Washington DC. Ashley got the opportunity to become a sex columnist for the New York Post later on.

12. Carla Bruni


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The Cheater: Mick Jagger

When the affair took place: 1990 – 1992

One of the world’s most popular supermodels, Carla Bruni, was one of the women Jagger had an affair with. She was also the only one who caused his then-wife Jerry Hall a lot of grief. In 1990, during their wedding in Bali, Hall confessed in her autobiography that she worried that Mick and Carla were a thing.

13. Jaimee Grubbs


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The Cheater: Tiger Woods

When the affair took place: April 2007 – November 2009

Tiger Woods’ mistress #2 spoke about the affair with US Weekly for a sum of $150,000. She said that they had sex in a Las Vegas nightclub and in a hotel in San Diego. It happened just a few weeks before Woods’ wife Elin gave birth to their first child.

14. Alina Kabaeva


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The Cheater: Vladimir Putin

When the affair took place: October 2000 – Present

Alina Kabaeva is a former world champion rhythmic gymnast and member of the Russian Parliament. She allegedly had an affair with the current President of Russia. Also, it is believed that she secretly married him in 2008 and gave birth to his son in May 2009. However, Putin has been married since 1983 and has denied the allegations.

15. Capri Anderson


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The Cheater: Charlie Sheen

When the affair took place: 2010

Charlie Sheen apparently paid adult-actress Capri Anderson $3,500 to have dinner with him. He got very drunk and got naked in the bathroom of a hotel room. Apparently, he also tried to choke her. All this happened during his wait to finalize his divorce with his third wife Brooke Mueller.

16. Oksana Grigorieva


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The Cheater: Mel Gibson

When the affair took place: August 2008 – April 2010

Gibson’s wife of 26 years and mother of his seven children had separated from him the day after his infamous July 2006 DUI arrest. The actor was still married when he started seeing the Russian pianist Oksana.

17. Rielle Hunter


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The Cheater: Senator John Edwards

When the affair took place: February 21, 2006

Senator John Edwards had an affair with the now mother-of-his-child Rielle Hunter when his then-wife was suffering from cancer. She eventually died.

18. Holly Sampson


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The Cheater: Tiger Woods

When the affair took place: 2004

Holly Sampson, a pornstar, was Woods’ mistress #7. She claims that the golfer only slept with her once. “Although I enjoyed our time together, I never was and never will be one of Tiger’s mistresses,” she told TMZ in 2009.

19. Daisy Wright


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The Cheater: Jude Law

When the affair took place: March 2005 – April 2005

According to Daily Mail, Wright was hired by Jude Law and then wife Sadie Frost in August 2004 to be a weekend nanny for their three children. The couple was then going through a rough divorce. Law was already seeing Siena Miller, but he turned to the nanny and had sexual relations with her before one of his kids saw them together and outed him to Sadie.

20. Nicole Forrester


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The Cheater: Josh Duhamel

When the affair took place: 2009

Josh Duhamel just announced his separation from Fergie, but the pole dancer Nicole claims that on October 9, 2009, she engaged in sexual relations with the Transformers star at the St. Regis hotel.

21. Rachel Uchitel


The Cheater: Tiger Woods

When the affair took place: May – November 27, 2009

Rachel was the first of Tiger Wood’s many mistresses. She met him in May 2009 at a New York hotspot, and she was spotted six months later by the National Enquirer checking into Melbourne’s Crown Towers, the same lodging Woods was put up while winning the Australian Masters.

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