21 Baby Sign Language Words You Can Teach

Did you know that you can train your baby to understand sign language when they are little? As a matter of fact, they can start from four months old and sign back when they are ready, usually after seven months. Sign language is excellent because it will be your way of communication before they start speaking. How many times has your toddler melted into a tantrum because he or she couldn’t speak words to you? Well, now, you can use sign language to communicate efficiently. Here are 21 simple words you can teach them, courtesy of Momjunction.

Remember to teach your baby one sign at a time, and pause for a few days until they pick it up. It’s also a great way to bond with your little one, and plus, it’s fun!

Here are 21 easy and fun signs to learn!

1. More & more


Bring the fingertips on each hand together and tap them against each other to indicate the word ‘more’.

2. Done & finished


Show your baby your empty palms and then turn them to your chest. This is an easy way for them to sign the word ‘done’.

3. Going to sleep


Move your fingers from your forehead and over your face to let them converge on your chin. Close your eyes to indicate that you are sleepy. One day, your baby will do this when they are sleepy.

4. Take your medicine


Rotate your middle finger on the other palm. This one indicates medicine.

5. Eat your food


Your baby can easily identify this sign when you do this, pretending to put something in your mouth.

6. Drink milk


Mime the action of pulling a cow’s teat whenever you need to nurse or bottle-feed. Your kid will now this refers to milk.

7. Change


We know how much do toddlers hate changing diapers. If you use sign language and say ‘changing time’, they are likely to cooperate better.

8. Help


Tapping your chest with both hands is one way of asking if the baby wants your help. They will love this one.

9. Bath


Pretend to wash your chest so that you let them know it’s time for bathing.

10. Time for play


Fold the three middle fingers and let them touch the palms. Next, shake them back and forth to tell your kid it’s time for playing.

11. Banana time


Pretend that your finger is a banana and have fun ‘peeling it’.

12. Want water?


Hold your fingers like a ‘W’ and tap it on the lips.

13. Let’s read


This is an easy sign. just hold the palms like a book and open them.

14. Look at that dog


Make the sign of patting your leg to signify there is a dog.

15. There’s a cat


Start moving your hands across the face as if it were the cat’s whiskers. So fun!

16. Say please


Rubbing one’s chest signifies ‘please’.

17. Thank you


Place your palm on your lips and remove it, just like sending a kiss.

18. Want some bread?


Pretend to cut a loaf into slices and let your baby know you are asking them for a slice of bread.

19. Ball


Act as if you are holding a ball and start patting it.

20. Share


Place your palm horizontally, and cut it half with the other palm to sign to your baby that s/he should share.

21. Want an apple?


Twist your cheek with two fingers to signify an apple.

Source: momjunction