These Are The 21 Worst Costume Errors In Film History

Sometimes, one of the most difficult tasks on a film set is the costume design. It requires a strict attention to details. Plus, in the historical movies especially, the characters’ costume have to reflect the time period accurately.
However, some movies still contain major mistakes. On some of them, the errors are subtle, whereas on some they are outrageous and they shouldn’t have made it on screen.

Here is a list, courtesy of Diply.

1. Braveheart

The kilts that are associated with Scotland weren’t used until around the 16th century. However, Mel Gibson’s character was seen wearing it in Braveheart, which takes place in the 1300s.



2. Django Unchained

Jamie Fox’s character wearing those nice shaded glasses in the epic Tarantino set is a little out of date. The sunglasses weren’t worn in America until 1929.



3. My Girl

The mood ring that Vada wears in the movie wasn’t invented until three years after the movie is supposed to take place. Maybe it gives her some powers to time travel, too.


4. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

The movie Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade is supposed to be taking place before the Second World War. Well, take a look at the Nazis who are fighting with Harrison Ford. Did you spot the red medals? They were used during the Second World War.



5. Schindler’s List

If you have watched the tragic and touchy Schindler’s List you should be able to see that the women in the movie have shaved legs and armpits. However, the movie takes place in the 1940s and shaving body hair wasn’t truly a trend at that time.


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6. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Well, for this one I believe that you have to watch the movie again. At some point on the ship, you will be able to spot a random cowboy just standing there. How did he get there? It is a pirate movie, isn’t it?


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7. Singin’ In The Rain

Did you know that this pink poofy dress was a very popular look during the 1950s? However, Cathy must have time traveled, because she is in a movie that is supposed to take place during the 20s.



8. Seabiscuit

The chinstraps used in the movie weren’t introduced to horse racing until 1956 but the movie is supposed to take place in the ’30s. How did they get there? Awkward.Screenshot_8

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9. The Aviator

Do you remember the cool movie The Aviator? Well, it contains an item that doesn’t belong to its time. Those frameless glasses that Robert Gross wears in the movie are too modern for the look in the ’20s.



10. Pearl Harbour

Have you noticed that the women in the movie don’t wear stockings actually?  And that wasn’t really common before the Second World War. In fact, it was scandalous for the American ladies not to wear them. However, in the 2001 movie – they don’t.



11. The Ten Commandments

Besides the other historical inaccuracies, definitely one of the most obvious one is Nefertiti’s blue dress. Anne Baxter playing Nefertiti appears in an aqua-blue silk dress. However, during that time in history, the dye that was supposed to make that shade of blue of the dress, didn’t exist.

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12. Amadeus

Well, the actors of this movie have to have time-traveled. Otherwise, how is it possible that their outfits have zippers, which weren’t invented until 120 years after Mozart’s death?


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13. American Hustle

During watching the Oscar-nominated American Hustle, you should be able to notice a Rolex. However, the watch was made in 2010 and the movie takes place in the ’70s. How did it get there? Strange.


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14. Dirty Dancing

Did you know that those adorable denim shorts weren’t so popular until 1980? Well, then how can we see them in the movie that it is supposed to take place in the ’60s?


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15. Alien

Have you watched Alien? Kane’s hood mystically disappears when the alien removes his helmet. Yes, just like that, gone.


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16. The Empire Strikes Back

But, wait a second. How did the jacket appear just like that?


Movie Mistakes

17. The Wizard of Oz

Did you notice that Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz isn’t wearing her ruby slippers? You will be definitely able to notice that the next time you watch the movie. Are those random black shoes as magical as her slippers, though?


Movie Mistakes

18. The Avengers

Just like that. The damaged suit magically repairs itself.


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19. The Wedding Singer

That hairstyle of Drew Barrymore in the movie was popular in the ’90s. How did she know that in the ’80s, when the movie actually takes place?



20. The Informant

While watching The Informant you will be able to notice an awesome Nike golf shoes. However, Nike didn’t manufacture such shoes until 1996 and the movie is supposed to take place in the early 1990s.


21. Gladiator

Did you spot Russel Crowe’s Lycra shorts? Let us point out that the movie takes place nearly 1 500 years ago in Ancient Rome. They weren’t invented until 1958! Ancient magic.


Source: Diply