The Moment 21-Year-Old Dumps Cheating Boyfriend On Her Birthday Party

Raise your hand if you think that cheating has not been and will never be an option! *Hand raised*

Unfortunately the last past years – left and right – we hear a lot about cheating. It’s like, it really has become an issue! When one finds out they have been cheated on, they react differently to it. Some just shut down and decide they will never trust another person again, some blame it on themselves and simply cannot deal with what happened.

In a nutshell, everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Take, for instance, Tiana Perea from Houston, Texas who in her 21st birthday celebration decided to call out on her cheating boyfriend. The now 21-year-old not only called out on him, but she also broke up with her giving a speech.

In case you are wondering if their friends were there, cross that one out. I mean, it was a birthday party… Tiana Perea found out her boyfriend was cheating on her in the worst way possible there could be (like there’s any good way, I know, I know.) The 21-year-old discovered her boyfriend was ‘sexting’ with some other girl.

“In style” is what we consider the way she decided to break up with her boyfriend. And, the best part about it is that there’s footage of the whole thing for all the curious souls as she filmed the whole thing. Of course, the clip now is a viral sensation.

You can watch what happened below:

The 21-year-old year captioned the video:

“Is this the right thing to do when your bf cheats on you? @s_umana”

Before the whole thing started, the Texas girl can be seen while she smiles at the camera. She then gets the attention of everyone with her presence and being the b-day gal, everyone shouts “happy birthday P,” and the camera then shows the room of her friends gathered together for the party.

They all follow the party by taking a shot and Perea thanks everyone for coming in her birthday celebration telling the crowd she wants to make a speech.

21-year-old dumps cheating boyfriend

Source: @tianaperea__/Twitter

She then turns her attention to her cheating boyfriend, saying:

I would like to thank Santos for making me realise that I deserve so much better, because every single person here knows that you were tryna talk to some girl… about being friends with benefits.

Literally all of us have seen screenshots and screen recordings of everything you’ve sent her, especially within the past few days and how you were sexting her and sending her videos. You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today.

Hmm… Not good, young man, not good!

This is how Perea finished her speech:

Yeah, so, incase you didn’t figure it out, we’re over and you can get the f*ck out.

Perea made sure to give her now EX all of his bags and one of her friends had the honor to do so. While her ex was leaving the house, you can hear the entire room cheering and so the party goes on.

The Texas girl posted the video to her Twitter last Wednesday, December 12, and it has since gone viral, having nearly 233,000 likes til now.

People didn’t hold back to show their support and also express their shock to how bold she was.

One person tweeted:

This was another’s reaction:

What another one said:

Saw this sh*t & I was just like okayyy sis, go off

She really had the perfect opportunity to expose her boyfriend. We wish you many more, Perea. Happier ones obviously!

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