22 Single People Who Embraced Being Alone For Christmas

Being single during the holidays is hard. Just kidding! It’s great. Well, for some people, at least. It’s actually the best for these people below who know how to have fun being alone. Just think about it. They don’t have to deal with in-laws, or buying those perfect gifts. Awesome, right? I bet you miss being single, even if you aren’t right now. Here are 22 people who embraced singleness this holiday season in the best way. The pictures were compiled by Diply.

1. Why not recreate a nativity scene?

The whole virgin birth thing is messy enough to think about. But this scene is just hilarious.


Source: reddit | LordofDecay

2. When your mom tells you to “sober up” and send out your own Christmas cards…

The most wonderful time of the year!


Source: imgur | johncessna

3. Honesty is the best policy.

At least no one will ask you about your NE resolutions.


Source: imgur | johncessna

4. Festive folks

Maybe now they will stop asking why you never bring any girls to family dinners. This is why grandma!


Source: reddit | charlottewould

5. Getting naked and bathing with roommates.

Best Christmas hack, everyone!


Source: Pintrest | Always Me

6. When your parents ask you for a picture for the family’s Christmas card

Here you go!


Source: reddit | mags387

7. Merry Christmas from emotional cat lady.

Cats make every Christmas card perfect!


Source: reddit | MissHillary

8. It’s all about the tiny details that make Christmas cards perfect.

Like cans of PBR and Budweiser floating in a pool.


Source: imgur | WillyMac

9. Things that ruin your holidays: spending time with your in-laws

Things that don’t ruin your holidays: being single and spending some quality time with a bottle of Jim Beam.


Source: reddit | jasmineisanerd

10. Forget about the card

Make a video instead.

Source: Prato Hernandez

11. Show them you aren’t dependent on a man to make you happy.

Red wine is all you need.


Source: reddit | Khadejeh

12. For everyone who keeps asking when you are going to start a family.

It’s an inappropriate question!


Source: reddit | tomwhat03

13. Announce your secret elopement to Patty “Bone Crusher” Johnson

Your parents could not ask for a more surprising Christmas.


Source: imgur | G00DMORNINGW00D

14. The best Christmas gift for your loved one – yourself.


Source: Instagram | @dr_archi

15. Sorry mom, but you will probably never have grandkids.


Source: Instagram | @ashleyplatz

16. You can’t go wrong with an Arrested Development holiday theme

They might not get it, though.


Source: reddit | iheartmalta

17. Single hot dude


Source: reddit | Nova11c

18. If you can Photoshop yourself into a picture five times, you might feel better.


Source: Imgur | WillyMac

19. Make sure you don’t end up being single right before Christmas.


Source: reddit | TAnn63592



20. Who wants turkey, when you can have this?

Feeling better already?


Source: reddit | ZoomZoomBlondie

21. The one who really matters is you!


Source: Twitter | @things_orange

22. Just embrace it.


Source: Twitter | @TheUnknownOwen

Here is the Kardashians’ Christmas card of this year!

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