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This 22-Year-Old Plus Size Model Is Living Proof That Dreams Come True

She’s sexy and she knows it! This plus size healthcare assistant was once crippled by insecurities – but she’s regularly stripping off and showing her body now. The reason? Well, duh – self-love.

Her name is Gbemi Nadi and she’s from London, where she grew up facing all sorts of cruel remarks from her classmates. According to The Daily Mail, it was so bad that she could never even imagine she would do modeling one day.

But look at her now. Gbemi is building a career as a lingerie model and hopes to inspire all women.


Her body developed faster than her peers, and she would often hide behind clothes. But things turned for the worse: she was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend three years ago, and later by two other men.

The model grew up facing cruel taunts by bullies, mocking her shape.


The plus-size model was also sexually assaulted several times, which made her feel ‘worthless.’


It was so bad she had to lock herself in a room for two months. Luckily, her dad came to the rescue and helped her learn to love herself again.

“I wasn’t looking after myself. My father was the one who got me out of the depression. He forced me to get new clothes, makeup, paid for me to go to the hairdressers,” Gbemi said.

But life followed the ups with downs. After the second sexual assault, she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Another period of intense self-hate followed, which she overcame thanks to religion. Faith helped her find the much needed inner strength. The young girl explains:

‘This is really when my anxiety, especially social anxiety started but I had to push through. I started working again, hanging out with close friends slowly but surely.”

In command of herself: She sure DOES look impressive!


Her friends encouraged her to enter the Ms. Curvaceous competition for plus size models in 2015.


It was a watershed moment for the 22-year-old. Since she broke the ice, she’s been showing off her curvaceous body regularly – and with no shame attached.

“I have always said that I won’t let it define me. I went through a stage of self-hate not valuing myself because that would be me letting them win but I say I am not a survivor, I am an overcomer.”

And for Gbemi Nadi, body positivity shouldn’t be reserved only for plus size women – it’s for everyone, regardless of gender, weight, or height.

“Growing up people used to always tell me I should be a model. I never took much notice of it. I never thought I was pretty enough, slim enough, photogenic enough so I did nothing about it,” she said.

One of her plus-size modeling photos.


And another one.


Gbemi also posts inspirational photos on her Instagram, with the goal of encouraging others.


She explained:

“Ever since I can remember, I recall thinking that I was different. I started puberty early, so my body developed quickly compared to my classmates and this made me feel really insecure. I didn’t understand why my body was different to everyone else.”

“Personally, I tell myself every day I am beautiful, I’m sexy and no one can tell me otherwise. I make an effort of wearing what I want to wear, not what society is telling me to wear,” she added.

And she IS beautiful.


She also says that she often receives messages thanking her for inspiring other people.


With a smile like that, who wouldn’t?

“I didn’t really take care of myself because I felt worthless because I wasn’t like everyone else. I used to feel that I was the ugliest person on this planet. I never thought I would have a normal life. If you told me then about that I would be doing this today, I would have laughed in total disbelief.”

Well, dreams do come true, I guess.


Gbemi’s done a bunch of sexy, glamorous photoshoots.


Finally, she concludes:

“No matter what you go through in life, take care of yourself. Look after your heart and soul. Self-love is the best love because it allows you to love others.”

I can’t stop nodding my head in agreement. Thank you, Gbemi!

Source: Dailymail