24 Beauty Products That Were Not Worth Buying

Makeup products are far from cheap. Whoever has dedicated their free time on buying good-quality makeup, know that it’s hard to choose from all the things in the market. This is true especially if you are trying to buy something new for the first time. It happens so often that when you come home you end up being disappointed. Then, you realize you’ve successfully wasted your money on something that’s not worth it. Here are some examples of people who regretted buying certain beauty products, compiled by Diply.

1. What kind of a damaged palette is this?

It survived, but it looks like it just survived a hurricane.


Source: Reddit | colliepop

2. What is she supposed to do now, turn it inside out?

Of course, the brand made a terrible mistake. Turning it inside out is, however, not an option even for the coolest girl.

Scrapping it, however, might be.


Source: Twitter | @Lizbethnicole

3. Opening your makeup bag and seeing this is a real nightmare to all makeup lovers.

Sincerest condolences for that bag!


Source: Twitter | @lmcipressi

4. Although the eyeshadow remained intact, look at this palette…

Makes me want to cry.


Source: Twitter | @mwhann00

5. It looks like somebody’s dog got a hold of this beautiful lip gloss applicator.

What are you supposed to do in this kind of situations? Cry, maybe?


Source: YouTube | Nkenna Rose

6. When your favorite lipstick collapses in this way, you have to consider changing the brand.

According to this Redditor, each time she’s bought this Nyx lipstick, “it melts and collapses within the first few weeks of owning it.”


Source: Reddit | mowski

7. It has probably happened to you at least once.

And, of course, it ripped your heart.


Source: Reddit | mint_julip7783

8. You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about it.

Trust your instincts, ladies! Some makeup is OLD!


Source: Twitter | @MissKatieBoe

9. When you purchase makeup online and it comes used., did I order second-hand makeup? I don’t think so!


Source: eBay | brandnewplz

10. When the package falls apart, too.


Source: Reddit | scarredlurker

11. Something isn’t quite right about this Urban Decay Naked palette.

Two colors’ names are missing!


Source: Reddit | Penla

12. Realizing you have the very exclusive non-metallic version of an eyeshadow.

So exclusive, in fact, that Laura Mercier doesn’t even make it.


Source: Reddit | onlineirl | Temptalia

13. When your brush fails you in this way.

Straight lines are also out of the question.


Source: Ms. Prettyful Girl

14. Here comes the mascara wand


Source: Student Debt Survivor

15. Foundation stains are different for everyone.


Source: Reddit | Please_Pass_The_Milk

16. Buying three shades of 30 because you are not sure what you are doing.


Source: Reddit

17. When your Beauty Blender isn’t that beautiful.


Source: Mimo Beauty

18. Squeeze it gently, they said.


Source: Reddit | rachmeister

19. Are these the famous triple-quilted makeup pads?

Hello and nice to meet you!


Source: Twitter | @NikeFan81

20. They might have run out of glue.


Source: Life as Art

21. Why, Kylie? Why would you do this?

How is anyone supposed to create clean, even lipstick with a brush like that?


Source: Twitter | @JeffreeStar

22. It happened to other people, too!


Source: Twitter | @Moneyyx3

23. Well, Jeffree Star, this is more than awkward.


Source: Twitter | @cierajewelmua

24. When Laura Lee’s KKW Contour stick broke.

Luckily for Laura, she got her KKW Contour Kit to review for free. Anyone else had a hard time buying it later, though.


Source: Revelist

Here are some incredible beauty products for a change.

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