24 Incredible Weight Loss Transformations To Give You Some Extra Motivation

Almost every New Year we make a resolution that we forget about a month later. So it’s pretty amazing when you see people who stay motivated and dedicated until the end and accomplish their goals. Especially when it comes to losing weight, we all know how difficult that is.

So, here is a list of people who transformed their bodies to give you that extra motivation and push you desperately need, compiled by Providr.

1. Reddit user Scienceninja3212

This girl who finally achieved her goal wrote, “Two years ago, I decided that it was time for a change. Today I am 50 pounds lighter, I am training for an upcoming marathon, and I feel the confidence to wear this dress to work today!”

A lot of people were asking what did she do to lose the weight, to what she answered that implementing fruit was what made all the difference for her “It satisfies the sweet tooth, and the fiber keeps you pretty full.” She also adds, “I also put cookie butter on apples when I was DYING for something tastier than salad. It was a good way to get past the hunger pangs without killing my calorie count.”
And when it comes to keeping calorie count she wrote: “I used the Fitbit app to track calories and exercised religiously for the first three months…It just kinda became a habit. Now, I’m to the point where it feels good to exercise and I naturally feel fuller faster.”


Source: Reddit/Scienceninja3212

2. Reddit user dustofoblivion123

This user shared a photo of this drastic body transformation of two best friends who achieved their weight loss goal.


Source: Reddit/dustofoblivion123

3. Reddit user jkee9021

This guy shared a photo of his girlfriend on Reddit and captioned it: “I just wanted to share this inspiring photo of my girlfriend who has been overweight her entire life until she finally decided to make a change. She lost 45kg.”


Source: Reddit/jkee9021

4. Reddit user denovosibix4

This girl who is running ultra marathons shared this photo and wrote “I’ve lost over 160 pounds since 2014, and I am running in my third ultra marathon in 23 days.”


Source: Reddit/denovosibix4

5. This girl who beat anorexia

Conquering anorexia is not easy, but here we have a champion who is looking amazing and has built the perfect body. How can you not be proud of her?


6. Reddit user Slipperyfisterx2

This guy posted a before and after photo of him and his wife and wrote, “I’m 55 years old, and I weigh 105 pounds less than I did last year. My wife lost 61 pounds. There are no tricks to this, we just are better and exercised.” Now that’s pretty impressive.


7. Reddit user tycowboy

This guy who made a major and impressive body transformation shared these photos and wrote: “So I lost 295 pounds in the last decade…pics or it didn’t happen.”


Source: Reddit/tycowboy

8. Another strong woman who succeeded

This Reddit user shared her inspiring story : “In the last nine months, I have gone from a binge drinker to a calorie counter to a weightlifter, all while emotionally recovering from an abusive relationship.”


Source: Reddit

9. Reddit user stillfat11

This girl wrote, “I am 25 years old. I am 5’5” and I used to weigh 370 pounds. In 11 months, my weight dropped to 171 pounds. I can’t believe the new me. My ultimate goal is to weigh about 140 and I now know that this is possible.”


Source: Reddit/stillfat11

10. Reddit user LadyMacDeath

This girl is giving advice on weight loss and she also shared a photo of her own successful weight loss journey that she captioned “I lost 85 pounds and gained a new life. Bring on the next adventure!”


11. Reddit user Klamsykrawlx2

This guy who is almost unrecognizable shared, “One year of no alcohol has changed my life. I lost 53 pounds and I’m 1000 times happier. I tried to recreate my bloated pic.”


Source: Reddit/Klamsykrawl

12. Imgur user Hurleyyy831

This girl who has lost 193 pounds in 2 years wrote “it’s ugly but it’s the reality of massive weight-loss. Loose skin. I mainly have it on my abdomen but I also have it on my upper chest and arms. It causes back and skin problems. It changes the way I can exercise and alters my center of gravity. I have to dress around my body instead of dressing the way I would like, there are certain things I can and cannot wear. And certainly, yea. It really has an impact on my self-confidence and how I see myself. My plan is to get it removed once I feel like I have toned and reduced it as much as I am able naturally!”

She also adds, “BUT I wouldn’t change anything. I would take yards and yards of loose skin over being the unhealthy and depressed person I was 2 years ago!”


Source: Reddit/Hurleyyy831

13. Imgur user laosboytony

This guy shared a photo of him and his girlfriend and wrote, “Our combined weight loss is 180 pounds…here is our photo together.” Now that’s body transformation commitment! They look so cute together, it just brings a tear to our eyes.


Source: Reddit/laosboytony

14. Imgur user HeyDrunni

This girl who has lost almost half her weight wrote, “My weight loss journey begun 3 years ago, weighing in at my heaviest being 100kg… I don’t have a picture because well I hated myself so much I REFUSED to ever take one and now here I am, at 54 kg I’m almost half the person I was… [I] ran 6km every single night, rain or storm I didn’t care. Then when I got home I did basic military fitness test (as I wanted to get into the army). I shredded over 40 kg in my first year.”


15. Imgur user greengoateegal

This girl told her lost weight story and she writes, “I am 5’3″ tall. 134 pounds lost so far. I’m far from done; I still have 26 pounds to go until my goal weight, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made! It’s been a long journey, but I’ve never felt happier about myself and where I am. It’s amazing how much life opens up once you’ve lost over 100 pounds of sadness and shame!”

She even adds words of encouragement: “Whoever you are if you’re out there and you’re struggling and you don’t think you can do it, I want to tell you that I’ve been exactly where you are and that you ABSOLUTELY can do it. I never thought I could, and yet here I am! If I can do it, you can do it. I believe in you.”


Source: Reddit/greengoateegal

16. Imgur user repostforupvotes

This guy who gives tips to people who have problems with weight loss wrote: “I’m 31 years old. I’m 6’1” and weigh 227 pounds – down from 450 pounds. I hear that I look like a different person!”


Source: Reddit/greengoateegal

17. Imgur user mrbenlanders

This girl writes, “I posted a picture a while ago of my weight gain up until that point. I’m happy to announce that I have reached my goal weight of 175 pounds! Thanks to swimming 3 days a week and finally eating enough, I gained sixty pounds in the last two years.”


Source: Imgur/mrbenlanders

18. Imgur user ultimatecrazy

Imgur user ultimatecrazy, who looks stronger than ever wrote, “80 lbs down since Sept 2016, 60 lbs to go. Need some motivation. Kind of in a rut.” She needed some motivation that the community was more than happy to give.


19. Reddit user _endorstoi

This girl who lost over 65 pounds through implementing plant-based diet wrote “Before and after from June 2016 to Halloween this year. Over 65+ pounds lost.”

“I ate primarily plant-based because of allergies/intolerances (also for ethical desires), drank a bunch more water, and steadily kept a constant workout routine for the most part of this and the past year. I had a bunch of disheartening plateaus but luckily powered through as opposed to giving up for the nth time.”


Source: Reddit/_endorstoi

20. Imgur user brookecapulet

This girl who looks healthier and prettier than ever wrote, “I started in March 2017 by cutting out fast food, soda, alcohol, and carbs. I called it the “no” diet because it was no fun. (Haha). Since then I’ve gotten a little less strict, but I meal prep every Sunday and eat protein and veggies for breakfast and lunch every day, and then whatever it is my husband and kids want for dinner. I don’t exercise hardcore (just walks on lunch, chasing babies, and nightly dance parties) so I’ve tried to create a lifestyle that, for me, is sustainable.”


Source: Imgur/brookecapulet

21. Imgur user Dollypartonbarbiedoll

This girl posted a before and after picture of herself and she captioned it: “It took four years (100 lbs the first year, 75lb in three) and lots of hard work. Simplifying it down, it was a massive dedication to portion control, cutting out processed foods, and calisthenics (squat PR 315 yo!). Meal prepping makes it easier, and finding a good workout playlist can push you farther than you’d think.”


Source: Imgur/Dollypartonbarbiedoll

22. Imgur user hexgar

This guy who completely changed his body through a fun diet wrote, “15-month Pokemon Go diet.”


Source: Imgur/hexgar

23. Imgur user honbag

This guy proudly showed off his mussels and wrote, “I used to weigh in at 275 pounds. I lost 92 pounds! I continuously work on my body and I am growing muscle. I had to structure my diet and I am not much happier, and much healthier.”


Source: Rahaf Khalil |

24. Imgur user MomOf4Kids

This girl posted a before and after picture and she wrote “So excited about the way I feel now. So much more energy and I’m a better mom now! After losing 97 lbs, I plateaued and decided to start a YouTube Weight Loss vlog to keep myself accountable and motivate others.”


Source: Imgur/MomOf4Kids
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