24 People Who Had The Luckiest Day Of Their Lives

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Cheers to this year’s resolutions and to the holidays spent with loved ones. Just around the most wonderful time of the year, many people get to experience some seemingly random positive experiences that they can’t explain. Is it Christmas spirit or being optimistic? It might as well be pure luck. Check out these 24 people who felt like winning the lottery in the luckiest day of their lives, compiled by Providr.


1. It almost hit him, but it missed him!

You may have experienced this feeling of a truck driving with load right in front of you. This is a real nightmare to happen, but luckily for this driver, the loose metal sheet ended up just missing him as it smashed through the windshield. He was so lucky!


Source: Imgur / DrunkAzSkunk

2. Just… wow.

Flip flops are not that protective after all.


Source: Pikabu

3. Almost!

Crossing a ski slope with a skier just inches away is a brave thing to do. The skier is lucky she was left with no injuries!

Source: YouTube / Mister73C

4. When a bird sees itself in a book

Imagine going bird-watching for a specific species, and having that exact bird land directly on the page of the book you are looking at. Life is wonderful!


5. He needs thicker gloves for sure!

His fingers remained intact, but he might need a new pair now. What a lucky worker!


Source: Imgur

6. When cutting down a tree gets fun

Wow, buddy, you’re lucky you’re short!


Source: Imgur / mebrotha

7. Slipping on ice

This slipping turned out a life saver for this poor guy. What a coincidence!


Source: Imgur

8. Truck luck

This truck driver took a leap of faith when he decided to enter this tunnel. He has strong instincts, though!


Source: Imgur

9. Walking underneath something that’s hanging has never been more dangerous

He will probably never do it again in his life.


Source: Reddit /u/ tara1

10. Is it a movie?

You have seen this in movies, but this is a real escape. Wow!


11. Vending machine luck

Anyone with vending machine experience will probably be jealous. Has this ever happened to you? Yeah, I know. One day, though…you will get to it.


Source: Imgur

12. Critters trails

This is not uncommon, but how about that body imprint of this cute creature? How rare is that? It only happens around holidays.


Source: Imgur / drbatookhan

13. Basketball

What are the odds? He’s got to teach us this magic trick. But it was probably just luck.

Source: Imgur

14. Questionable driving skills and a bag of luck

Thi driver is incredibly lucky! Also, keeping balance must be their specialty.


Source: Twitter / @BBC_Autos

15. Pure luck

This person is not phone-less thanks to this amazing experience. They managed to drop their phone in such a way that the bowl caught it before it even touched the water.


Source: Reddit

16. Just about right

Stay there, keys, please! Another life is saved…


17. Double luck

These are definitely unique.


Source: Imgur / sorenipple

18. That was close!

Swimming with sharks comes with great challenges. Like this one, for instance. You never know what will happen.


Source: YouTube / Mister73C

19. So close! Ouch!

Kids these days…Luckily for the kid, this ambulance managed to break and veer away just in time.

Source: bigmny / Break

20. When spinning is perfect

Most people aren’t lucky enough to spin out on a highway and then tell the tale of how they survived. A real miracle, right?


21. Skateboarding with a backpack was a life-saver


Source: Minus

22. Just another “quiet” pedestrian day

Luckily, all three managed to go unharmed with only one falling victim to a harmless tap.


Source: Imgur

23. Just when you thought that pedestrian crossings are safe…


Source: YouTube / Mister73C

24. Always look both ways when crossing the street!

He was so lucky!


Source: ForGIFs

Here are some lucky people with funny people.

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