24 Times Makeup Was The Most Important Thing In Our Lives

One moment, you are buying a cheap lip balm at the supermarket and the next moment your entire paycheck goes to Mac and Sephora. But at the end is all worth it, because makeup nowadays is more important than everything.

Here are 24 times when makeup was life, compiled by Diply.

1. Honey, who is that Matt Johnson who keeps blowing up your phone?


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2. When your boyfriend asks for a space, you give him space

And this is one way to do it.


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3. When your make up is the only thing you care about

The iPhone 6S may be $900 but the flawless skin you will get from this Mac foundation is priceless.

Actually, since the launch of the X, didn’t the 6S’ price drop significantly?


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4. Everything for a perfect contour


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5. That’s my baby

Much like becoming a mother, I always put my makeup’s safety before my own.


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6. You probably have never used a protractor before you started contouring your face.


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7. It’s time to mourn the lost of loved ones

The bronzer was our favorite.


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8. Is it appropriate to wear glittery eyeshadow on a funeral?

Probably not, but you will look fabulous.


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9. When your boyfriend asks for nudes

“OK… Can you be more specific though? Like, nude lipstick, nude eyeshadow… nude lip liner?


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10. Have you ever tried to symmetrically wing your eyeliner?

Then you understand the pain when you fail.


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11. Shot through the heart

When you realize that all that trouble was for nothing.


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12. Who would’t want to cry glitter tears

I bleed, sweat, and cry glitter.


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13. When he promise you you’ll watch Netflix together but then falls asleep



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14. Why would you do that?

It will probably save you some money though.


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15. Who said you need expensive makeup brushes to apply makeup?

Fidget away..


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16. When you are an indecisive person

There are so many choices, it’s not your fault.


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17. Take all my money

It’s worth it.


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18. When testing out makeup at Sephora is how you love to spend your free time

The results are always amazing.


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19. When makeup is art

And like every other masterpiece it requires attention and time.


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20. Eyebrow game strong

When there is nothing more important in this world than your eyebrows


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21. Everyone wants to look like Kylie Jenner

But not everyone will succeed.


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22. Van Gogh in the making


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23. When you get to excited about wearing a mascara

Once you start layering it on, it’s difficult to stop.


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24.That’s one creative guy

Or, is he? Let’s hope she is into makeup.


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