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25 Timeless And Life-Changing Fashion Tips For Every Girl

25 Timeless And Life-Changing Fashion Tips For Every Girl

We could always use advice and tips from experts and designers when it comes to fashion. There are some things that we know, for instance, like what’s trendy now or what’s coming in near future in terms of fashion. However, there are many fashion details that we are really not aware of and they seem to be around almost every time.
It is great to have an amazing list of things about clothes and fashion and what we have here are these 25 amazing fashion tips that will come handy for you, courtesy of Stylecraze.

1. First, know your body type



It is really important to know your body type first and it is really crucial when it comes to fashion. It will be very helpful for your choice of clothes, you know, what is good for you and what isn’t. Not only when it comes to clothes and fashion, but when it comes to food, too.

2. Wear the right bra



Choosing the right bra size can be tricky and exhausting, however, it is really important to know your size and when to wear what.

3. Invest in good lingerie



What is better than a good, classy, black or white lingerie? Almost nothing. It can make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Of course, if you choose to invest in a good one.

4. Own classics such as a trench, leather and denim jackets


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They aren’t called classic without a reason. Trench coats, and leather and denim jackets are some of the timeless clothing items that you have to have in your closet. They will home handy at some point of the year.

5. There’s nothing red pumps can’t solve

Every girl has to experience red pumps, they are legendary. At one point in your life, you have to own them. They will boost you with some more confidence, guaranteed.

6. Scarves

Scarves are also one of the clothing items that can be used for all seasons. Choose woolen, silk, satin, linen and rock it on your regular clothes.

7. Denim

Owning a great pair of denim is essential. First, choose what suits your body type and save it for life. You can never go wrong with them.

8. Understand the color wheel

At first, this might sound unnecessary but it is good to know what colors are great for you. For instance, what color stresses the color of your eyes or hair? It can be a real game changer for you and also it will give you a new perspective when matching up colors.

9. Wash your clothes the right way

One basic rule, don’t mix whites with colors. Also, don’t wash your bras in the washer because they will be ruined.

10. When in doubt, layer



When in doubt, always choose to layer your outfit to camouflage any unflattering flab.

11. Chambray, plaid,  and denim shirts are a must

Your closet is in constant need of at least one of each of these shirts. They are absolutely timeless.

12. Organize your closet every three months



Organize your closet often and discard all the clothing items that you don’t use anymore. Don’t deceive yourself and think that you might use something next year. There is no such thing.

13. Stop the impulsive shopping

Impulsive shopping is never good for you. It might make you feel a bit content at the beginning if you are feeling down, but later you will realize that it was unnecessary. Plus, you are just spending your money in vain. Be especially careful with ‘sale’ signs!

14. Prepare and plan

If you want to go for a shopping, first plan and maybe look some stuff online. Planning and preparing for shopping will stop you from overspending.

15. Accessorize your outfits

Accessories are a must for every girl. Design, color, and sizes are limitless. Keep aside some money for accessories and remember that only one small piece of jewelry can be crucial for your outfit.

16. Every girl needs a LBD


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This is self-explanatory, every girl needs a little black dress in her closet.

17. Master the art of tucking

You need to master some of these if not all: front tuck, half-tuck, navel tuck or a full tuck.

18. Always have a few fashion hacks up your sleeve

The fashion hacks and tips are always useful. So, learn some of them such as how to clean a wine stain or properly clean jewelry since they can also save you some money.

19. Play with prints and patterns

If you don’t know how, don’t worry, there is nothing Google doesn’t know. Just seek help and look and act like a pro.

20. Don’t mix too many colors or prints

Simple is always better than everything that’s exaggerated on your outfit. So, always choose fewer colors and avoid combining too many items with prints at the same time.

21. Long legs

If you have long legs, always match your shoes with trousers

22. Let one color pop at one time



Choose to wear only one bright color at a time and let that one pop.

23. Own pieces you can use more than one way

For instance, black or white pants, plain shirt or top. There are endless combinations with these.

24. Make fleece leggings your BFF

Fleece leggings are beyond comfortable and cozy, especially for winter time.

25. And last, remember, always wear leggings with long tops

Because that’s how it works.

Source: stylecraze

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