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26 Things You Need To Know Before Trying A Menstrual Cup

Not all things in life are perfect. Most are… Well, a combination of necessary and gross. Like its majesty, the menstrual cup. (Ta-daa!)

Seriously though, it’s disgusting, but less so than a tampon, and more so than a pad. One might say that menstrual cups are a… Necessary compromise?

It works by collecting the menstrual blood instead of just sucking it up like a vampiric sponge.

It looks no less happy about it, though.

menstrual cup

Come to think of it, it kinda reminds me of the legend of the Holy Grail?

menstrual cup2
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To be honest, that’s how it was recommended to me by two very insistent coworkers. Try this, it’s basically the Holy Grail for all that excess blood you’re trying to get rid of! So I decided to give it a shot.

And you know what? It IS a ‘holy grail’ because I can’t thank them enough!

menstrual cup3
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But as with the QUEST for the Holy Grail, the menstrual cup’s journey is fraught with adventure, danger and peril, too. And today (thanks to Diply), we’re here to clue you in on all the ups and downs of this terrible, but divine, oh so divine… journey. Listen up, fellow Knightesses of the Womb Table!

1. Being comfortable with your body is a must

If even tampons make you squirmy, better think twice about upgrading to a cup.

menstrual cup4
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2. Sometimes, you will definitely end up covered in blood

Your hands, I mean…

menstrual cup5
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3. You might lose the… Holy Grail… inside yourself.

This is how my friend reacted when she tried it for the first time:

menstrual cup6

4. And yet, heroes always will find it!

You don’t have a black hole inside you, so, chill. There are only SO many angles it can hide in before it makes an appearance eventually.

menstrual cup7

5. Blood on your hands? And more!

It’s a cup. Slip up, and… Well, just imagine letting go of a glass of wine. But instead of wine, it’s your menstrual blood. Sorry.

menstrual cup8
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6. Putting it in can be uncomfortable

For some, it’s never painful, but for others, it can be. Everyone’s different, and these things take time. No one found the Grail in a fortnight!

menstrual cup9
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7. Walk around to figure out if you put it right

If you don’t feel a thing – it’s placed correctly. If not… Well.

menstrual cup10
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8. At first, you won’t trust it

You’ll be plagued by the suspicion that it will slip out at any moment. Which doesn’t ever happen, so relax!


9. You’ll realize you’re bleeding much less than you previously thought

With the tampon and the pad, blood sort of gets… smeared around. But the cup will show you exactly how much blood was there. And it’s actually less than you thought.


10. The cup might make your periods lighter

I’ve definitely felt improvements.

menstrual cup11
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11. You might leave it lying out in the bathroom by accident…

And someone will pick it up, wondering what it is! Education time!

menstrual cup12
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12. Forget about carrying pads and tampons!

No leaking either. Super simple and effective!

menstrual cup13
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13. Sometimes… It just hurts.

OUCH! But hey, practice makes perfect!

menstrual cup14
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14. No more worrying about running out of supplies

You’re entirely self-dependent. It’s not called the Diva Cup for nothing.

menstrual cup15
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15. You’ll feel hip and trendy!

Be the cool kid!

menstrual cup16
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16. You can’t put it in your nostril though…

It’s really not cut out for parties! SAD.


17. It still takes some time to empty it, though.

In the club, while Beyoncé vibrates through the stall… Ah, life.

menstrual cup17
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18. Sleeping is much better!

You don’t need to change it in the middle of the night.

menstrual cup18

19. Cups are almost leak-proof!

No stains. No granny panties.

menstrual cup19

20. Remember I said, ‘almost’, right?

The cup is a cruel master. It WILL teach you as to just how much it can contain. And no more! You will learn to respect the Cup, one way or another, princess!


21. But trust is a two-way street

And you shall be rewarded.

menstrual cup20

22. And soon you’ll be spreading the word around!

“Have you heard about our Lady and Savior, the Diva Cup?”

menstrual cup21

23. Boiling the cup is a great way to disinfect it

It makes sure it will stay clean. Heat kills germs, but not the Diva Cup!

menstrual cup22
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24. The initial frustration of putting it in can make you quit and use a tampon

DON’T DO IT! The cup is worth it! See how it winks?

menstrual cup23
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25. You’ll save a lot of money and help the environment

That’s what Superwomen do. Atta girl!

menstrual cup24
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26. And maybe you’ll eventually realize it’s just not for you.

It’s fine, really. Everyone’s different and remember – your comfort is key.

menstrual cup25
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