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27-Year-Old Earns Around $30,000 Per Day By Sharing Workout Photos And Videos On Social Media

27-Year-Old Earns Around $30,000 Per Day By Sharing Workout Photos And Videos On Social Media

A businesswoman is making millions through her fitness photos and videos she shares with her 2.5 million Instagram followers.

Jem Wolfie, a former chef, and basketball player is making around $30,000 per day by selling her own merchandise, workout and recipe e-books using a social media website called “OnlyFans.”

The 27-year-old currently based in Perth, Western Australia, is doing quite well in her business and revealed for Perth Now that she has earned over $2million since last August. And this is only the start…

The 27-year-old admitted that she left high school to get more involved in the culinary world, fast-tracking her chef apprenticeship and landing a cafe job.

However, being a chef turned out to be rather different from she had hoed, and decided to join the Western Australia Basketball League (WABL).

But her career in basketball was also short-lived as she suffered a knee injury in 2015 which left her out of the court. After getting into the gym for rehab, Wolfie started posting workout videos to her small online audience, which quickly increased and now has over 2.6 million followers.

earning money through social media

OnlyFans is a social media platform from which Wolfie has earned over $2 million since last August. The website charges its followers a monthly subscription fee to see photos and videos, and you have to pay $15 a month to see Wolfie’s content.

The blonde beauty even got noticed from Atlantic Records – Kanye West’s recording label – who turned to Wolfie to promote their music.

Speaking for DailyMail, the 27-year-old said:

Let’s say Atlantic Records has Cardi B’s new song to push, they’ll say, “Jem, we want you to put this on your next video”, then when Cardi’s team has approved it, I hit post.

Yup, that easy.

earning money through social media

Wolfie kinda attributes her success to her good looks. The 27-year-old told the publication “I guess how I look on the outside has helped my career a lot, I can’t deny that.”

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earning money through social media

She went on saying:

But I have a line for OnlyFans and I have a line for Instagram because I believe that there’s a certain amount that should never been shown, and I keep that for a potential partner I’d be with.

While there are people who praise her good looks and success, there are others who believe her body is not real. However, Wolfie insists that she has shaped her body at the gym, and adds that everyone can change their figure only if they have the right knowledge and movements.

Props to her!


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