28 Cats Who Got Fed Up With Their Human’s Christmas Trees

Are you a dog who hates cats just because you’re secretly jealous of them for all the cool things they can do, and you can’t? Like, for example, climbing the Christmas tree? Then shredding it to pieces? And your human boss, I mean slave, not getting appropriately pissed off about it?

Well, if so, you should stop reading this, dog, because it will just make your ears smoke with jealousy! Or maybe you’re just a human who feels the same. If so, take solace in the fact that almost everyone else is jealous of cats. And today, thanks to Ranker, we’re showing you 28 reasons as to “why.”

Why? Because cats are having by far the most fun on Christmas, that’s why! And they’re simultaneously venting all their frustrations out on the Christmas tree! It’s like having a party and visiting the shrink at the same time!

1. It is called a star, human!


2. I, umm…? Halp?


3. Just adjusting this bit here.


4. Wanna be a Christmas decoration? Fake it till you make it.


5. Admitting it is winning half the battle.


6. “I’m jus puttin it back, ze dog bit it off.”


7. Ruin all the ordinary Christmas trees and force your humans to make this!

Source: Cole and Marmalade

8. MEOW!


9. Always remember that you can hold ornaments hostage

Source: Little Thomas Boy

10. Always remember to act nonchalant


11. Hidden cameras? Who cares!

Source: Griffin Hammond

12. SOON


13. Persistence is key

Source: TheFamilyguy421

14. When in doubt, use the Christmas tree as your fortress!

Source: Sammy Kaye

15. When caught, pretend you’re the tree


16. This kitty may be blind, but no less capable of ruining a Christmas tree!

Source: Oskar & Klaus

17. Remember nonchalance… Easy does it…

Source: Budrick3Gaming

18. Disguise yourself as a plumber, fixing a leaky branch…


20. Pretend that you actually want to be helpful.

Source: Cole and Marmalade

21. Warm up is important

Source: vallemae

22. If all else fails, pretend you’re an official ornament inspector

Source: earcmba

23. Preparing for the Olympics?

Source: Jalon House

24. Bide your time until after the decorating is complete. Then, attack!

Source: Funnycatsandnicefish

25. Experience is not required!

Source: Kitty Cat Bliss

26. But planning is.


27. Whenever possible, infiltrate the enemy ranks! 🙂

Source: MisterShizno

28. Christmas trees are also good for practicing your judo skills!

Source: mulletsrock55
From: ranker

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