3 Makeup Ideas That Will Make You Go ‘Ooh La La’

Planning on hanging out tonight, going to a party, or just taking selfies? The click that just brought you here is about to save your life and make the whole makeup process pretty easy! For this, we have chosen the perfect makeup artist to give you some makeup ideas you can’t resist. Foinika Kay (@exteriorglam) with 1.7m followers on Instagram, will leave you literally speechless for as long as you are watching her video tutorials. She is a living proof that we don’t use makeup to cover or hide behind those layers of makeup. Rather we use it to accentuate the female beauty we are naturally given. At the same time, it empowers people to present an enhanced level of self and to exude confidence. Eventually, with or without it, nature has done its best with her beauty potions, duh!

Let’s check out some ‘nobody can resist’ makeup ENHANCER ideas:

Red eyeshadow is always a good choice! ‘I believe in red’. Oh, and never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late! Just saying!

Rose gold elixir on the way baby!


Stark Naked lipstick to give it a final touch!


I am sure you wanna take some lessons for this one:

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‘L’amour est bleu’ la la la

Now put on your lipstick and hustle!


Hard to resist! Ready to go!

I bet you won’t skip this one too:

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After applying the primer from @smashboxcomsmetics, it’s foundation time. For this makeup tutorial, Foinika uses @narsissist Natural Radiant.

Make that eyeliner so sharp, you could kill a man!


Come on! You can do this:

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