3 Ways You Hold Your Fist Reveal Hidden Parts Of Your Personality

Body language can reveal a lot about your feelings and overall personality. Whenever you feel cold, you shut yourself up and whenever you feel hot, you stretch your arms. But what does your fist position say about your inner thoughts and personality? Apparently, the way you hold your fist can reveal a lot about your temperament and attitude about life. Although there are exception to this rule, here is what the way you hold your fist reveals for many people.

1. The thumb rests beside the other four fingers

If your thumb is out and in this position, then you are a gentle person. Moreover, you are sensitive, compassionate as well as considerate. You truly know how to understand the emotions of other people. The ability to do that makes you an accessible person for many people.

You are also an organized, strategic and creative person. Although you tend to introversion, you like to balance between it and social exposure. When you go for the things you want in your life, you tend to get a bit impatient. Sometimes people will want to take advantage of your fair attitude, so you better be careful of these kinds of people.


2. The thumb stretches out to cover the four fingers.


If this is how you hold your fist, then you are a real extrovert. Your talent, charm, and charisma speak more about you than you ever could. You are just like the thumb that covers the fingers, and you unconsciously reveal all of your emotions. Everything you feel is out there in the open.

3. The thumb hides behind the fingers.


If you are holding the fist in this way, it means that you are a real introvert. The hidden thumb refers to the inner thoughts which you don’t share with everyone. You like your own company and have a few people who you can talk to. The one thing you hate is drama and you can’t stand the phoniness of people. Honest and straightforward people always attract you the most.

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Source: meaww