’30 Inches Tall and Turning 18′ Sheds Light On Beauty Influencer’s Life Diagnosed With A Rare Condition

If you haven’t e-met her yet, let us present to you the gorgeous, Georgia Rankin, who is also known by G. She is known to her British fanbase, where she has gathered around half a million followers. However, now her aim is to make her American debut.

Before turning 20 earlier this year, Georgia was dubbed Britain’s smallest teenager. As a child, her parents thought she had a life-threatening bowel condition, known as tufting enteropathy. Speaking for The Mirror, Georgia’s mother revealed how the doctors even told them they’d lose her a few times.

Some years later, Georgia’s family realized their daughter Georgia was still smaller than her elementary school classmates, so they took her back to doctors who diagnosed her with a rare condition known as skeletal dysplasia.

Georgia’s life has been highlighted in a Channel 5 documentary called 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18: Extraordinary People. TLC aired it for the first time on January 15th, so for all the fans who can’t wait to get a glimpse inside this beauty vlogger’s life, go and check it out.

30 Inches Tall and Turning 18
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The docu-series follows a year in the charismatic and happy Georgia’s life, shedding light on her everyday life, daily struggles, and her quest for medical treatment.

Talking about the series, G revealed in a video:

It shows my life struggles from the most simple things like buying clothes to dealing with chronic pain every day.

Fans were impatiently waiting for the series’ premiere, wondering about Georgia’s condition and her makeup routines.


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Speaking to The Mirror, Georgia revealed how she feels about her life, saying:

It’s a big cloud over my life. My life is pain. It’s not just about being small. There’s no escape. The pain is there from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.

When Georgia was 13 years old, she underwent surgery to remove the ball joints in both of her hips so she could feel less pain. But, although her ball joints were removed, she still has to take painkillers, including morphine, to ease some of her pain and discomfort.


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But, despite her pain and hardships in life, you can see a big bright and beautiful smile on her face.

Georgia runs her YouTube channel MakeupJunkieG and has gathered nearly half a million subscribers who adore her. She has many makeup tutorials, ranging from morning routines to Halloween looks.

Her fans do their best to support her and are stunned from her talent and the beautiful soul she has.


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Giving an interview with Shout Magazine, the gorgeous Georgia explained how she considered YouTube channel “an escape” from her condition and her “difficult high school and college years.” She was tired of feeling isolated because of her condition, so whenever she came home from school, she spent her time watching her favorite YouTube stars. It was these Youtube stars which gave her confidence to record her first-ever video back in 2014.

30 Inches Tall and Turning 18
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Now that the 30 Inches and Turning 18 is out, G’s fanbase is constantly growing. Speaking in a video, she explained that without the documentary, she wouldn’t be this famous, therefore, she feels so glad to have had the chance to share her story.

Moving to her condition, you will be able to see from the documentary, Georgia’s trip to the U.S. to meet with specialists and attend the ‘Little People of America’ convention. There she learned about cannabis oil and its pain-relieving properties which were such eye-openers to her.

But because marijuana is considered an illegal class-B drug in the UK, the Youtube star has become an advocate for the natural substance that could make a huge difference in her everyday life. Speaking to The Mirror, she explained how she can’t cope without painkillers, so she feels angry that there is a natural remedy out there which can help her be pain-free. But, unfortunately, she is not able to access it.

We hope Georgia will soon find a treatment for her condition and keep motivating each and everyone to never give up.


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