These 32 People Are Really Bad At Their Jobs

So, you’re entrusting someone to do something for you and help you with some project and by doing so you want to save some money. However, after the job is actually done, even though you are not a pro in that field you know that something is really wrong. I mean everything. It’s simply not what it should be.

Diply has compiled a list of people who definitely failed at doing their job or they are simply really bad at it and they should focus on something else in the future.

1. Someone who decided that this made sense.

Well, this modification was made to liven up a typically mundane streetcar experience. Great job.


Source: Reddit

2. Someone probably thought this was a good place for a soap dispenser.

Or maybe they were trying to place a soap dispenser for a giant in case he comes in and he feels that he is being neglected. Taller people have the same rights in this society. Bravo.


Source: Reddit | metalkosmos

3. Whoever decided to work around this.

Well, it was probably much easier than simply removing it from there. They told you to do that one job, tho.


Source: Reddit | Troniky

4. Whoever installed this door.

Someone wanted to do something, you know how thy cal that, creative and unique. So why not start with this one door that has been totally incorrectly installed. At least they didn’t attach it above.


Source: Reddit | thatgingerfella

5. Someone installed this billboard.

They were probably thinking about all those people on the planes that are bored, so they might as well read this. Clever.


Source: Reddit

6. Whoever set up these speakers.

Hey, everyone, this is the new proper way to set up speakers. The sound waves will move the ground under your feet and you will get the full package experience


Source: Reddit | Mister__S

7. Whoever installed this flooring.

What on earth?  And why?


Source: Reddit | langahh

8. Whoever translated this sign.

‘Thing’ can be many things to be served. Let’s play a guessing game.


Source: Reddit | LifeOnTheFence

9. Whoever installed this wireless router.

As long as they have good wi-fi and that thing doesn’t fall on their heads they don’t care.


Source: Reddit | LoftyTheSnowman

10. Whoever put up this world map.

You have all been fooled. We have two Africas and Britain is over there.


Source: Reddit | mangledeye

11. Someone has installed this washroom stall lock.

Some things are supposed to just be there and not to be used.


Source: Reddit | ItsJayO

12. The person who assembled this fish fillet with a side of cheese.



Source: Reddit | SusannaDior

13. Whoever was in charge of this sign.

This inn’s rats are like the one in Ratatouille. They are so lovable and make a mean soufflé.


Source: Reddit | DimitriVOS

14. Whoever decided to put this door here.

The nothing-is-stopping-me guy. Plus, there isn’t need for some steps when you have a chair that serves just as good.


Source: Reddit | FrenchAvocadoo

15. Someone has installed these perfect sized stall doors.

This is how it should be. Someone can’t recognize just your shoes if they are looking for you.


Source: Reddit | jartwobs

16. Whoever installed this exit sign.

But, honestly, you had only one job.


Source: Reddit | Whitlow14

17. The person who installed this door lever.

So, yeah, did you mean pull maybe?
Reddit | Public_Nickname

18. The one who installed these tiles.

But, you know nothing. This is the proper way. Upside-down tiles are the new black.


Source: Reddit | truth_alternative

19. The person who delivered this package.

You gotta do what you gotta do to make things work. Sometimes. Safe delivery.


Source: Reddit | keliix06

20. The person who tiled this shower

The proper tiles masterpiece. New edition. Hello, there.


Source: Imgur | Totallyirelephant

21. The person drew this foul line.

Mmm, perfect, neat and straight.


Source: Instagram | @sportsislife.ig

22. Whoever painted this road sign.

‘O’ and  ‘H’ are not the same letters. So please, back to scohol!


Source: Instagram | @cherihaa

23. Whoever packaged this box of spoons.

At least has its small window, so open your eyes before buying. No mistakes here.


Source: Instagram | @robertjustchill

24. The workers who put this banner up

There are definitely not good at solving puzzles.


Source: Reddit | AllMightyWalrus

25. Ahh Shane, the office clown!


Source: 22 Words

26. The person who made these signs.

No need for further explanations, everything is clear as day here.


Source: Reddit | wis_corp

27. The one who decided to bring the office up to code

Let me think, what is the literal least amount of work I could possible do?”


Source: Reddit | Fixthe-Fernback

28. The person who labeled this fruit

Don’t freak out Bananaman they’ve got this. Now, we all go it.


Source: Reddit | GIJesus

29. Whoever installed this railing.

Only that part is always available.


Source: Instagram | Imgur

30. The person who served up this quesadilla

The newest way of serving quesadilla. Bon Appétit.


Source: Reddit | rdaex

31. The person who was asked to fill the candy machines

Well, they were in a hurry, it’s not like they didn’t know what the heck were they doing.


Source: iFunny

32. Whoever installed these closet doors.

You had one job!


Source: Reddit | bv8ma
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