3D Nail Art Is Back, Baby! And It’s Weirder Than Ever!

Making sure her nails look amazing is one of the items on almost every woman’s priority list. So all those tutorials that are popping up around every corner of every single social media website are definitely welcome. Instagram is, of course, the treasure trove of the most amazing nail hacks you’ve ever seen. But you need to be warned: there is a dark underside to this whole wonderful world of nail art on the photo-sharing application. That is where the really weird ideas dwell and it is a perilous place for anyone’s eyesight: what is seen, cannot be unseen.

Seriously though, what exactly were people thinking when they came up with hair nails, or corkscrew nails, or eyenails?! I mean, what the hell, right? And then there were the two sisters, Arina and Eleonora Movsisian, the owners of a popular Russian nail salon and the masterminds behind the Nail Sunny Instagram account where they post little videos of their 3D nail art. We weren’t quite sure what to make of their work the last time we spoke about them, so it’s time to take another tour through their art.

Look, I get that it takes a lot of skill to make a tiny sculpture, which in some cases even moves, but I just can’t get past the sheer impracticality of having something so bulky glued to your nail! But that’s just my five cents. I’m curious as to what you guys will make of it, so I’ll be impatiently awaiting all of your comments!

Well, when you compare this with the other 3D nail art inspired by a Kylie Jenner photo (*shudders*), I’d say this one looks amazing!

Any fans of Beauty and the Beast out there?

Just… why?

So elaborate! This one looks kinda pretty actually, but I’d still rather have fully functional hands…

This nail art is so detailed it even has moving pieces! Check out that blinking eye! Not at all creepy…

Come on now, out with it! What do you make of all these designs? Yay or nay?

Source: Nail_sunny