3D Nail Art Designs Are Here And We’re Not Sure What To Make of Them…

Every woman just loooves having beautiful nails; if there are any exceptions to this rule, they’re very rare indeed. And the internet is our best friend when it comes to browsing for fresh ideas about what next to do with our nails. There are so many different forms of nail art, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out where to begin on the quest for perfection. Well, that’s easy at least! You start by taking good care of your nails and making sure they grow long and strong by following the advice conveniently summed up right here. Only then can you start thinking about what designs you want to use.

You could, of course, go for something simple like your basic French manicure or perhaps the ombre technique. Or you could up your game with these infinitely more complex, yet stunningly beautiful patterns, or you could wear your little diehard-fan-heart on your sleeve (or your nails, as it were) and pay homage to your favorite movie/show/something-else via your choice of nail art. But if all of this still sounds way too simple for your tastes, then you what you need is to get aboard the 3D designs train.

You might remember that a little while ago we showed you this horrifying nail art that was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s sweet Instagram picture of her newborn daughter. And now, courtesy of sisters Arina and Eleonora Movsisian, the girls behind the Nail Sunny Instagram page and the masterminds behind that unforgettable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons design, we bring you these other crazy inventive concepts! No, no, don’t be like that! Give them a chance! They are actually not that bad! Yes, maybe they’re not very practical, but they don’t look half-bad… Just check them out, will ya? And we’ll discuss in the comments…

Yup, that’s an eye alright… On your nail… And it moves… Creepy… Okay, but the others are better, really!

See? This is pretty good! Black-and-gold is always an Oscar-winning combo!

And the Oscar Goes to .. #nailsunnytutorial

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These claws look much sharper than the Black Panther’s!

@blackpanther YAY OR Nay?

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These are gorgeous! But I’m not really sold on that whole face thing…

Now then, it’s time for the verdict! Do the three ‘D’s in these 3D nail art designs stand for ‘delightful, dazzling, and divine’ or for ‘dreadful, disastrous, and disgusting’? Tell us in the comments!

Source: nail_sunny