4 Easy Leg Exercises That You Can Do Before Going To Bed

When it comes to reducing size or fat, besides the belly, the legs are the part of the body that is the trickiest. Many of us maybe have set a ‘New year-new me’ resolution, but I bet that almost no one actually started working out since the new year began.  Of course, some of the excuses:  are “I have no time for workout” or “It takes too much energy and I’d rather watch Netflix.” But, what if there are some exercises that are not time-consuming and you can actually do them before going to sleep?


Just something like this, working out with almost no effort.


Many of us want a fabulous body without actually putting in all that much effort. That’s why we chose these easy exercises that will target the legs and that take just a little time before going to bed every night. Scroll down in order to learn these super simple and easy exercises, courtesy of Antyacid. Stay motivated and determined and don’t give up.

1. Lateral leg raises

Focus on keeping the side of your body that is on the floor and the lower leg constantly on the floor. Then tighten the core muscles and lift your upper leg and slowly lower it again. And that’s it. Simply repeat this, while keeping the proper position, with the other leg as well.  Also, you can place your hands on your hips in order to keep them out of the equation.


2. High knee exercises

This easy exercise targets the core muscles, the calves and thighs as well as the butt. First, stand with your legs shoulder width apart and then raise one knee up towards the chest. While balancing your body, lower the leg and repeat the same with the other leg. It is pretty easy, right? Also, make sure that you keep the back straight.



3. Deep squats

Don’t be afraid right away. If you squat properly, these are actually easy and truly effective. Plus, they are essential when it comes to keeping your legs toned. There are many versions so you don’t really have to get your butt all the way down into a deep squat position. In order to do proper squats first, lower your butt until you are in a crouching position while keeping your feet flat on the floor.



4. Inner thigh lifts

This exercise is perfect for all those who are seriously into getting toned legs. First, place your body in the initial position just like on the picture. Lie down on one side and rest your head on your arm. After that, take your upper leg and cross it over your bottom leg that is resting on the floor. Start doing lifts with the lower leg while exhaling as you lift and inhaling as you lower the leg down. Also, there is another way to do this exercise. Instead of just lifting your leg, accept the challenge of making tiny, controlled circles.



Source: auntyacid

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