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4 Eye Makeup Tips You Need To Know To Achieve Great Results

4 Eye Makeup Tips You Need To Know To Achieve Great Results

Whether you’re one of those makeup enthusiastic people who like to put makeup only on some special occasions or a beginner who came here to learn some tips, we all know that eye makeup is the most delicate part to master. We pretty much understand that sometimes it can get pretty confusing, whether you should apply mascara, shadow or liner first. Other times we know which to use first, but we don’t precisely know how. That’s because probably there’s something else that would make your makeup stand out and you don’t know the secrets yet.

Well, worry not, as we have compiled the tips that you’ll need to help perfect your eye makeup skills so your eye-makeup can be on point! Today we’ll go through four of them: eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrow tips. You’ll need some patience and more practice to make your eyes look wide awake, bold, bright, and gorgeous. Follow me below to learn more on how to achieve exactly that:



To perfect the look of your lids can be pretty tricky, but with a little practice, you will have muddy lids no more. When it comes to eyeshadow – choosing the right shade is important as much as it is applying it correctly. According to Readers Digest, if you want for your shadow to not wear off, you should better use a concealer or primer before you start the process. In this way, your eyelids will stay smooth, and the shade won’t crease during the day. Then the next tip is to choose the right eyeshadow. Go for the ones that accentuate your eyes color and fit your skin tone best. The third tip is to choose a light color for all over your eyelid and then go for a darker one in the area above your lid. However, you’d want to make sure to blend these two colors in order to create depth and a seamless eye look. After doing all of these, you should know some tips regarding the mascara. Scroll down to read about it:

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When it comes to the appliance of mascara, you should always remember that choosing a classic black mascara is the most favorable option. The goal is for your lashes to look blacker, bigger and thicker. REAL SIMPLE writes that your eyes will look more wide awake and better defined if you use black mascara. However before moving on to applying your mascara, if you want your eyelashes to look even bigger, you can use the eyelash curler for a few seconds. After this, brush two to three layers of mascara while wiggling the wand from the base to the tip of your top and bottom lashes. Sometimes in order to avoid the risk of your lashes getting clumpy, it’s better to wait for 10 seconds before applying the next coat. May your eyelashes look voluminous and big as you’d like them to be!

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According to StyleCraze there are 3 common categories of eyeliners, and they are: liquid or pencil, brown or black and clearly defined or smudged. It all depends on personal preferences, I usually opt for the pencil one, and I prefer it to be black. However, before starting to apply your liner, you should make sure to first apply a base or eyeshadow to your eyelid, in this way the eyeliner will stay longer. Then tilt your face up and start applying the liner as close as you can to the lash line, while looking down. For a winged look, a pencil liner is preferred.

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Eyebrows are of great importance to be defined as they bring attention to your eyes. Probably the best tip you should know is that we should fill in our eyebrows with the same color of our natural eyebrows. After all, natural-looking eyebrows always look gorgeous. Then, always look for the dimensions of your face before deciding how to shape the brows. As alyaka magazine recommends, for long faces, brows with extended tails are widely preferred, whereas for square and rounded faces the softly rounded ones are the ones that fit best.

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I believe that after learning the above eye makeup tips, you can now start applying them in your makeup routine and achieve the best results. Good luck with that!


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