5 Of The Most Awkward Celebrity Confrontations On The Red Carpet

Have you ever noticed how celebrities act when something unexpected happens? Me neither, because we rarely get to experience their faux pas or camera fails. Every once in a while, though, there are red carpet moments that celebrities can’t escape from. Prepare for some major celebrity confrontation in the most awkward ways you have ever imagined. Here are 5 moments that the merciless public eye will always remember, shared by Maximo TV.

1. Kesha and Jerry Seinfeld

Poor Kesha was only trying to give the standup comedian Jerry Seinfeld a hug. However, he politely said “no, thank you” and was completely unaware of who she was. Kesha, of course, did what everyone else would do. She covered her face with her hair and ran off. Pretending this never happened will not do it for her.

2. Gigi Hadid and Harry Styles

Was the beautiful model Gigi just being a loyal friend to Harry’s reported exes Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift? Because all she did was handshake the One Direction singer, while the rest received big and happy hugs. What a strange world to live in! The pair awkwardly shook hands and when Harry tapped her on the arm as he walked away, Gigi’s face turned to stone. And they just met!

3. Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Nicholson

Remember the 2013 Oscars? Little did Jennifer Lawrence know that Jack Nickolson was going to flirt with her and interrupt her Good Morning America interview. She was still shocked after receiving the best actress award, but Jack came to tell her she reminded him of an old girlfriend. In front of everyone! This was her real shock for the night!

4. Jessica Lange and Lea Michele

All Lea wanted was to say hi to American Horror Story actress Jessica. However, Jessica just proceeded to walk past her and did not even look at her. Burn!

5. Ryan Reynolds and Kylie Jenner


The 20-year-old reality star Kylie had all a girl could want: an invite to the Met Gala, a stunning Versace dress, and a table seat next to Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. Can you guess what she did all night long? She was playing on her phone!

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Source: MaximoTV