Spot The Animal: Test Your Perception With These 5 Visual Puzzles

Exercising your brain regularly is just as important as physical exercise. It will help you think clearly and forget less. And one way to flex your brain muscles is to solve puzzles.

Like, you don’t want to be forgetful when you’re old, right? Kinda like this lady?

No? (Hell, that kinda looks so carefree it’s compelling!)

Well, in order to prevent a problem you may not even experience in the far future (assuming you’re twenty-something, or so), you have to do puzzles. Riddles. Intense mental fitness training.

Like, do you even think, bro?


DO U? Let’s see. The following tests (courtesy of AuntyAcid) will push your mental acuity to its limits. Make sure you are sitting somewhere comfortably – I don’t want you to faint out of all the mental push-ups I’ll make you do.

 1. Spot the snow leopard hiding among these rocks:


Don’t worry, it took me 3 seconds.

Okay, okay, I’m lying – it took me like 10 minutes. But I didn’t scroll down for the solution! But whenever you’re ready to give up, feel free to do so and…

See! There it is!


2. Spot the cute little snake hiding in these leaves:

What, no snake? Really?

How about you get bitten if you continue to insist on that? We don’t want that, do we now?

Ready to give up? Here, I’ll give you hand.

Voila: the snake. (Having trouble seeing it? No worries, everyone has!)


3. Find the… Well, I’m not telling what it is.


But it’s definitely something.

Maybe something in the background? Hmmm?

Or something in the foreground? But which is the foreground here?

Well, the thing is sleeping – there, a hint.

Still can’t find it? Fine. Took me 10 minutes too. It’s a cat! In case you still can’t see it, here, I’ll clearly mark the sleeping feline:


4. There is a crocodile lurking…

Can you spot him?

Or maybe it’s a she? Anyways.

Spotting the crocodile means you live. Not spotting it means you either die or lose an arm.

What it’s gonna be?!

Damn, here it is. Save your arm.


5. Think you can find the snake (yes, again, snakes are sneaky)?


What do you mean there’s no snake?

It’s right there!

Where, you ask? Well, whatever you do just don’t touch anything!

Still, haven’t figured it out?

Ahem. Lemme point at it with my finger…



Source: auntyacid