6′ 9” Russian Woman Is The New World Record Holder For Longest Legs

Russian model Ekaterina Lisina is now the official Guinness Record holder for being the woman with the longest legs in the world. Her left leg is 132.8 cm (52.2 in) long, while her right leg measures 132.2 cm (52.0 in). The 29-year-old, standing at 205.16 cm (6 ft 8.77 in) barefoot, also holds the world record for tallest professional model.

Lisina comes from a very tall family: her father is 6 ft 5 in, her mother 6 ft 1 in, and her brother is 6 ft 6 in, so the fact that she reached such heights was never really a surprise. However, it was the cause for many problems as she was growing up. One of them was bullying. The unpleasant experience of being teased by her classmates due to her height is the main motivation behind her applying to be measured for the world record. She wanted “to be an inspiration to girls who are not very confident,” as reported by the official Guinness World Records website.

Being super tall still has a few drawbacks. Lisina reveals she has difficulty finding trousers that fit, as well as women’s shoes in her size (she is European size 47, or American size 14). Another difficulty is squeezing in a plane seat. But she is more than happy with her size and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I only really realised I was attractive when I was about 24 years old,” Lisina told The Sun. “I always had an athletic body and was always much taller than everyone else my age, But then I realised that being tall is very attractive and that I got a lots of attention from men. I am so comfortable with my body now.”

Lisina had always dreamed of pursuing a career in modeling, but having discovered her talent in playing basketball, she decided to stick to the sport. In 2008, she took part in the Olympic Games in Beijing, and together with her team, they won the bronze medal for Russia. But now she has returned to her previous passion, and she’s been working as a professional model for over a year. She admitted, “I think my long legs can definitely help my modelling career because there aren’t so many models with such long legs.”

Being officially recognized as both the tallest model and as the woman with longest legs is a source of pride for the Russian. Lisina said she loves the attention she always gets as a result of her height. Now that she’s a world record holder, she hopes she will receive even more positive attention. The model confessed it “feels amazing” to hold two records. “The first time I heard this news, I was driving a car and I almost crashed it!” she said.

The previous record holder for the longest legs was another Russian, Svetlana Pankratova, whose legs are 132 cm (51.9 in) long. The record for the tallest model was held by American Amazon Eve, who is 2.03 m (6 ft 8 in) tall.

The official Guinness Worls Records YouTube channel introduces Ekaterina Lisina as the woman with the longest legs:

Source: Rumble