6 Scary Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Bras More Often

Maintaining our bra clean is beyond crucial and essential. You are wrong if you thing that unless you are lactating, there is nothing else that can make your bra dirty. In fact, you need to keep all the clothes that get in direct contact with your skin, clean and fresh all the time. A senior scientific communications manager at Procter & Gamble, Mary Begovic Johnson advises that women should wash the bras at least once a week. Also, if you are wearing the same bra more than once, at least do it less than three or five times a week.

And according to Shared, there are some very good reasons for that.

1. Bacteria will accumulate in the bra

You bra accumulates some really gross things, according to New York dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner. Not only oil, but also dirt and body lotion cause your bra to become a home for yeast, microorganisms and fungi. So, prevent this from happening by simply keeping your bra always clean.



2. Your bra will smell bad

If you neglect to wash it, eventually, your bra will have a bad odor, no matter if you sweat a lot or not. Pay closer attention to the sports bras, since you wear them while exercising, when you sweat a lot.



3. Gross bra stains

Eventually, sweat discoloration happens, and it’s leaving stains. If you neglect to wash your bra, deodorant will create a yellowish-beige stain that is very difficult to get rid of.



It literally takes just few minutes to wash your bras and avoid this. Also, you can wash them during the weekend in advance for the upcoming week.  Or, at least buy several bras so you can change them and not wear one bra more than three days in a row.

4. You could get acne

Dirty and sweaty clothes provoke acne, since sweaty undergarments are one of the most common causes for body acne. Especially, again, the sports bras. They can cause friction and overheating if they are not made from breathable material since they are really tight against your skin. And, acne appears whenever there is a plenty of rubbing or a lot of heat.


5. You could get an infection

Dr. Zeichner disclosed for Buzzfeed Life that it’s very easy for bacteria and yeast to accumulate under the breasts, which is a place they find to be moist. And those two can cause a pink patch where the skin becomes raw, which can lead not only to redness and irritation but also to an infection.



6. Your nipples might start to chafe

The unwashed bras cause the nipples to begin to chafe. And the perfect recipe for that are an unwashed bra and a hot day. The areolae and the delicate skin surrounding it can get irritated and very painful.


Pure Wow

There is another great solution besides the frequent washing of bras – going braless. Not using a bra makes the breasts perkier, according to French researchers. This is because, over time, wearing a bra makes the pectoral muscles lose tension which causes sagging.


Mother Nature Network

Also, there is another advantage and that is increased circulation since the straps and elastic bands slow down the circulation through the arms and the torso. If you ditch your bra you will allow your blood to flow freely.

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Source: Shared