6 Common Decor Mistakes That You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Almost every homeowner loves experimenting with a decor and rearranging stuff. But sometimes is better to turn to interior designers for help instead of catalogs or magazines. Because you might make some mistakes like this compiled by Diply and end up with far from perfect décor.

1. Keep your fridge clear.

You might think that the DIY calendars and pictures on your fridge look adorable but they only make things messy. According to experts, it’s better to keep the fridge door completely clean.


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Instead, you can use the inside of a cupboard or pantry for shopping lists and calendars.


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2. Empty walls are actually a no-no.

Going with the minimalistic approach when it comes to wall it can be a mistake.


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But also don’t hang small art pieces. Try to finding something that is space appropriate, framed pictures of your family or art you like.


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3. While we’re on the subject of wall art, let’s talk height.

No matter how beautiful the art piece is, hanging it too high will ruin the aesthetics.


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So the best thing would be to keep the art at eye level and use the rule of thumb – art is not supposed to be hung not more than 8-10 inches above the furniture and about 5 feet from the floor.


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4. Keep your kitchen counters spotless.

Well, it shouldn’t be spotless, after all life happens and you need to enjoy the little things. But you can keep it tidy by making your counter space work for you.


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You can organize things that you don’t use every day like blenders. Don’t put everything on display.


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5. Keep your furniture away from the wall.

Most of us put the furniture right next to a wall but that will make the space restricted.


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Instead put the couches somewhere in the middle of the room away from the walls.


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6. You can have too much of a good thing.

While is true that curtains should touch the floor how long is long enough?


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There is no need to have that long curtains they need to be half an inch from the floor.


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Source: Diply