6 Historical Figures Who Disappeared And Were Never Found

The world can be a scary place sometimes, especially when mystery prevails an event. History is full of mystery, actually. Just think of a historical figure that is not filled with controversy. Do we know how they died exactly? We might never find out. Some people were never even found after they went missing. One day, they just disappeared and people are still looking for traces of them. Auntyacid made a list of six people whose disappearances are still surrounded by mystery.

It’s pretty spooky when you think about it. Some people just vanish. Were they killed, or did they decide to run away? We will probably never find out, and even if we will, we won’t be sure what happened.


1. Spartacus


Spartacus lived in ancient times, and led the most famous slave revolt at the time. Can you believe what he and his army had for weapons? Well, they had some kitchen supplies, which helped them break out about 70 fellow slaves!

Impressive, right?

Some people believe he died in that battle, but others state that he survived and lived a quiet life with his family, far away from everyone.

2. Anastasia


She was the Grand Duchess of Russia. Can you believe it was 100 years ago when she disappeared? Still, people discuss the issue even nowadays. It’s believed that the entire royal family, including Anastasia, had been murdered and put in a massive grave.


Although the grave was discovered 60 years ago, it was never confirmed whether the remains found were hers.

3. Solomon


You may have seen or heard about 12 Years a Slave. The story behind the film was originally a book written by Solomon Northrup.

Solomon was kidnapped and then sold to be a slave. Then, he was saved and wrote his book. While he was promoting his book in Canada, Solomon Northrup disappeared. Many people believe he was killed by the anti-abolitionists while others say he was put back into slavery.

4. Holt


Harold Holt became the Prime Minister of Australia in 1966. However, he disappeared on December 17th, 1976, while still in office. One regular day he went for a swim at Cheviot Beach with some friends and he disappeared. Some people think he was drowned and others suggest he killed himself.

5. Earhart


Amelia Earhart was a woman full of impressive accomplishments. She was an author, teacher, magazine editor, celebrity fashion designer and much more. However, she disappeared while trying to fly around the world. There are numerous theories on her disappearance.

6. Bierce


Ambrose Bierce is a well-known writer from the United States. He used to be a great satirist in the 1880s as well. While he was on a trip to Mexico, where he was sent to report on the Pancho Villa revolution, Bierce wrote to a friend that he was going to an “unknown destination”. He simply vanished.

Here are some celebrities and their historical look-alikes.

Source: auntyacid

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